Simply Wed: When Friends are Treasures

Simply Wed: When Friends are Treasures

By Casey Nilsson
The lovely Brandy painting the rock on Block Island.

Exactly one month from today, I’m marrying a guy who makes my heart swell. So in one month plus a day, I’m going to be spewing lines like this: “The planning was tough, but it was soooo worth it!! What a day!!! (Blah, blah, blah)!!!!!!!!!”

That said, I’d like to share my pessimistic vocalizations of the week: “Is it too late to elope?” and “Do we really need the hula hoop chandeliers?” and “If one more paper bag rips, we’re losing the favors altogether! The day is favor enough.” (More on that in my next post.)

I do have two very helpful, very hard rocks — my groom-to-be and my momma — to keep me in check. But, late at night, when I’ve been tossing around for hours wondering how we’re going to light up the dessert table or if I should scrap solid design plans for a new Pinterest obsession, I feel a little lost.

Buried deep beneath all the errands and worries and projects (and full-time jobs), there’s a little bit of free time. Granted, most of it is spent guiltily running through lists of unfinished tasks; all roads lead back to the big day. When my fiancé and I got the opportunity to go to Block Island last weekend with my parents, we knew we’d talk wedding but we’d also have some fun in the sun, too.

Little did I know, a group of girlfriends had sneakily planned an all-out bachelorette party, complete with painting the infamous Mohegan Trail rock (immediately after another group had painted it; poor form?), a surprise dance party with sushi, pizza bread and Jell-O shots, an ungodly amount of phallic paraphernalia, presents, pictures, sparklers, a few afros, a pair of grill tongs and a night out on the town filled with loud singing and on-stage dancing. It’ll go down as one of the best nights — and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Some of the girls will attend my “official” bachelorette party a week before the big day, but most wedding work will be done by then. (I hope. Sigh.) This spontaneous little party happened at a time when I needed a serious morale boost, one that could only come from a group of smiling superhero girlfriends who just wanted me to have fun (friends of brides- and grooms-to-be: take heed). To my all-star team, here’s a little tune to remember the night by:


Casey Nilsson is the copy-editing extraordinaire for Rhode Island Monthly magazine. She’d like to marry her dreamboat, throw a personal, romantic reception and avoid angering any immediate family members — in less than eight months and for $8,000. Can she do it? Follow her thrifty, DIY journey here or on Pinterest @cnilssonRIM.

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