Unique Exercise Classes for Brides-To-Be in Rhode Island

Unique Exercise Classes for Brides-To-Be in Rhode Island


Once the ring goes on, the first thing on brides’ checklists, aside from dress shopping, is kicking their fitness routine into high gear so that they look and feel their best on the big day. Here are three local gyms that offer fitness packages specifically for brides.

By Courtney Coelho


Floortime Studios and Surfset Newport

Couples looking to get in shape together can sign up for the two-for-one deal offered by Middletown-based Floortime Studios and Surfset Fitness. The two brands, which both offer classes at various locations in South County and the Newport area, have teamed up to offer the Complete Dance and Fitness Package, which includes six one-hour private dance lessons, with the option to have an original dance choreographed for the reception, as well as ten Surfset Fitness classes, including stand-up paddleboard yoga and Surfset Balance, all for $499. In addition to learning a show-stopping dance routine to wow their guests, couples can get in wedding-ready shape in a fun and unique way with Surfset’s classes. Inspired by surfing, classes utilize customized surfboards that mimic the movement that they make on water. Participants engage all their muscles, especially their core, to stay balanced and complete movements that give both a cardio and conditioning workout in one. Devotees rave about the strength, flexibility and stamina they are able to achieve after regular classes, and it’s also a great way to experience hanging ten without getting in the water. Surfset Newport offers several varieties of the class that focus specifically on strength training, calorie-burning and balance, or a blend of all three.


For brides looking for a gentler intro to exercise, barre fitness classes are becoming increasingly popular. Still, don’t mistake gentle for easy or ineffective. The low-impact workout is inspired by traditional ballet warm-up exercises to target small muscle groups using repetitive micro-movements. (After a few dozen leg raises, you are guaranteed to feel the burn long after class ends.) Classes generally incorporate light weights, bands and body weight to add resistance. At BarreCoast in Westerly, brides-to-be can take advantage of the BarreCode Bride package, which includes unlimited barre and yoga classes for three months for $300. The studio also offers private barre classes for bridal parties looking for a healthy way to kick-off bachelorette festivities or just get in some pre-wedding bonding time. “Barre is the fastest and most effective way to transform your body so we find that offering a bride packages gives a nice price break for those gearing up for a wedding. And we know it works. People that come to class an average of three times a week will see a difference in their physique within a month,” says co-owner Kristen Ullrich. BarreCoast also has a hot yoga studio, which is the perfect complement to stretch and soothe barre-fatigued muscles, says Ullrich.

Rondeau’s Kickboxing 

Although it’s not new to the fitness scene, there’s a reason why kickboxing has remained a steadfastly popular workout option for decades: The blend of cardio and strength-training promises a maximum calorie burn and a total body workout in one. Brides looking for similar benefits can sign up for the Bridal Fitness Program at Rondeau’s Kickboxing. The $300 package includes twelve weeks of unlimited classes, six personal training sessions, body measurements, personal coaching and meal-planning assistance. Rondeau’s takes a more traditional approach to its training. Rather than choreographed routines, participants don mitts and punch and kick at bags, which adds extra resistance and the benefits of a weight-training routine in addition to the cardio impact of going through the kickboxing movements, says owner Christina Rondeau. Classes also incorporate free weights and other equipment, like stability balls, to add to the calorie burn.
“It’s important to challenge your body and mix up your routine for the best results,” Rondeau says.
Brides often purchase the package with their maid-of-honor. Having a partner to exercise with, combined with the counseling that’s included in the package, keeps brides more on track than a membership at a traditional gym would, Rondeau says.
“Once you walk in, we motivate you to do the work. We get to know everyone on an individual basis, and push you to challenge yourself.”

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