Instagram #FollowForever Pt. II

Instagram #FollowForever Pt. II

lauren fletcher 5

📷: Lauren Fletcher Photography

By Kaitlyn Murray

If you’ve been keeping up with us for awhile now, you may recall that last year we posted a blog titled “13 Local Wedding Photographers to Follow on Instagram” where we featured some of our favorite ‘grammers. Yet the funny thing is, we didn’t even have a profile yet (rather, this blogger stalked from the shadows — a.k.a. from her personal handle)! But now that we’ve (finally) immersed ourselves in the magical world of filters, hashtags and sophisticated coffee shots, we thought it was about time we updated our #FollowForever list with a few new talents we’ve recently discovered (Also, we would be remiss if we didn’t insert a bit of self-promotion here… don’t forget to turn that follow button from white to green on our page too! We’re @engagedrim 😉😘). And, once again, we think the photos themselves are all the reasons you’ll need.

Enjoy the pretty! x

sarah pudlo 7

@sarahpudlophotography aka Sarah Pudlo Photography

Emily Crenca 7

@emilycrencaphotography aka Emily Crenca Photography

House of Lubold 7

@houseofluboldphotography aka House of Lubold Photography

kate barnes 7

@katebarnesphotography aka Kate Barnes Photography

kelly louise 7

@kellylouisephoto aka Kelly Louise Photography

lauren fletcher 7

@laurenfletcherphoto aka Lauren Fletcher Photography

meagan sharum 6

@meagan_sharum_photography aka Meagan Sharum Photography

nia sherie 6

@niasheriephotography aka Nia Sherie Photography

paul robert berman 7

@paulrobertberman aka Paul Robert Berman Photography

ryan devoll 7

@ryandevoll aka Ryan Devoll Photography

samara st martin 5

@samarastmartin aka Mrs. Frame + Anchor

frame + anchor 5

@frameandanchor aka Frame + Anchor

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