What To Do If You’re Engaged in Coronavirus-laden Southern New England

What To Do If You’re Engaged in Coronavirus-laden Southern New England

It’s been a doozy of a month, to say the least, and, unfortunately, it seems like that’s one social status that isn’t going to update any time soon. We hope all of our readers are staying safe and healthy, and we are especially thinking of those who have had to make the tough but unavoidable decision to postpone and/or cancel any wedding-related activities. On the bright side, there may be some solace to be had in the newfound additional face time with your spouse to be. Or, perhaps even some of the quarantine mandates will allow for more DIY project wish list fulfillments (here’s a list of love-filled films you can put on as background noise). The most important thing to remember is that nothing, not even Covid-19, can stop love. You will get through this, and you will get your happily ever after ending… It just might take a little longer than expected.

But we know that’s not all you want to hear right now — you want solutions! Here are some of the national resources we’ve caught wind of so far:

  • Many Etsy vendors sell quick and easy “Change of Plans” templates (like this one here) you can utilize to update your guests.
  • For those whose weddings are a little further out and want to try and protect their investments, you may want to look into wedding insurance.

Most of all, don’t panic and keep in close contact with your vendors. Almost every vendor and venue in the area has already posted their respective game plans for moving forward to their social accounts, whether it involves finding new dates for booked couples, scheduling phone consultations or one-person-at-a-time visits (in the cases of hair and makeup trials, etc.) for those who are still in planning stages. If ever there was a time for the industry to be understanding of cancellations and postponements, it’s now.

For a list of local resources, click here.

Also, we encourage you all to (virtually, of course!) reach out to each other — look through local message boards or hashtags (feel free to use #engagedsne on Instagram and Twitter to connect with one another!) and ask other brides and grooms how they’re handling different hurdles being thrown at them. They might provide insight that you and/or some of the industry experts haven’t thought of, or it can just be a nice way to come together (again, not literally!) and realize that you are not alone in all of this.  


The Engaged Team

P.S. If you know of any resources being offered by local wedding businesses, please share them with our editor, Kait, at!

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