10 Ways to Hold a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party while Social Distancing in Rhode Island

10 Ways to Hold a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party while Social Distancing in Rhode Island

Trying to think outside the box on how to throw a memorable bachelor or bachelorette party during a pandemic may be tough. But don’t worry! It’s not impossible, and we’ve got you covered. With some revamped ways to honor your friends as they tie the knot, the following list is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

By Emma Bartlett


Rhode Island offers an assortment of camping areas for all types of outdoorsy individuals. To keep the activities low-risk, make sure that the camping area isn’t crowded and that everyone has an individual tent. Although you may have to remain socially distant, there’s no reason why you can’t stay up late around the campfire enjoying food and beverages while catching up with friends. The following campgrounds are great places to check out for your trip: Burlingame State Campground, Fishermen’s Memorial State Park and Campground, George Washington State Campground and Management Area and Whispering Pines Campground. Make sure to review each area’s COVID guidelines before making a reservation.

Virtual Cocktail-Making Events

Check out Rhode Island Monthly’s virtual cocktail making classes which you can sign up for with friends. Local venues are offering cocktail kit deliveries as well as virtual lessons in partnership with RIM and various beverage companies. This is a stress-free activity option since the prep work is done for you. All you have to do is log in to Zoom. Virtual bar experiences are great ways to have fun while keeping you and friends safe. It’s a new, unique experience and better yet, you’ll be able to impressive your significant other with your drink-making skills. Follow RIM on instagram for sign up details, watch past events here and check out some of their past partners like Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails and St. Elder.

Rent Kayaks

Providence Kayak. Photo from Providence Kayak’s Facebook page. Photo by HausPVD.

For a more athletic, adventure filled day, rent kayaks and explore Rhode Island’s waters. You and your pals can paddle away while laughing about old times and talking about all the fun things you have planned for your honeymoon. Most venues offer two, four, or eight hour boat rentals for low rates which makes the trip worthwhile. Not to mention, if you’re by the water already, there will be some kind of seafood restaurant nearby for you have lunch or dinner at. Some places to check out include Narrow River Kayaks, Providence Kayak, Rhode Island Paddle Sports, Walker Farm Kayak and Fort Island Kayaks and SUP Rentals.

Outdoor Movie Night

Watching a film on the big screen with surround sound may be the perfect way for you and friends to spend the evening – especially if the movie theatre is in your backyard! Luke Renchan Entertainment will transform your backyard into a drive-in movie theatre by setting up a large screen for you. Not only does staying at home mean you to have easy access to food and drinks, but you won’t have to deal with large crowds. Now, if you and your friends are up for a classic drive in, pile in the car with snacks and drinks and head over to the Rustic Tri-View Drive-in Theatre or the Misquamicut Drive-in Theatre.

Virtual Paint Night

Art is up for interpretation as is how you decide to have a paint night. Change your usual, in-person paint night to a virtual event where you can spend the night laughing and painting with friends. Virtual paint class venues will prepare kits and send them over for each of your friends. As a plus, the classes are led by a professional instructor who can help those who need more guidance. Now, don’t forget the wine and cheese! It wouldn’t be a proper paint night without it. Make sure to try one of these local venues for your virtual paint night: Paint and Vino or Muse Paintbar.

Escape Room

Lock and Clue

If you and your besties are the type of people who love solve puzzles and crack mysteries before anyone else can, then renting an escape room may be the ideal way to spend your bachelor or bachelorette party. Rhode Island offers several escape room venues with a range of cases to solve. Each room is usually an hour session, and if you’re a real case-cracker, you can book more than one puzzle to solve. Check out the RI Riddle Room, the Great Escape Room, Escape Rhode Island and Lock and Clue Escape Rooms.

Pick Your Own events

Photo from Rocky Point Farm Facebook Page.

Picking your own fruit or flowers is extremely popular, especially during the summer and fall seasons. Take a trip to a local farm and walk the fields looking for the ideal berries or flowers that you want. Also, don’t forget to capture the moments! Take advantage of your surroundings and strike a pose in the flower fields or with your pail of blueberries. Be sure to visit local favorites like Harmony Farms or Rocky Point Farm for blueberry picking. Dame Farm and Orchards is offering flower picking and Lavender Waves Farms will be hosting lavender picking events. Make sure to also check the farm’s social distancing guidelines before visiting to see if only a limited number of people are able to pick at one time.

Spa Trip

Spas are beginning to reopen and it’s time to treat you and your friends to a relaxing day of self -care. Planning a wedding is sure to cause some form of stress so make it a point to stay calm and hang out with those who make you happy. Check out the following venues for a spa day and view their COVID information: Shimmer Salon and Day Spa or Spa at Newport Marriott.

Fishing Excursion

Grab a couple of your best friends and spend the day on the high seas fishing with one of Rhode Island’s fishing boat companies. With a crew who will direct you to great fishing spots, see if you can get a fish to bite your line. Now, the fun doesn’t have to stop after the boat ride. Bring your daily catch home and cook your fresh fish for you and your friends. For fishing trips, check out the following: Captain Sheriff’s Fishing Charters, Fish’n Tales Adventures, Misty Charters and Big Game Sportfishing.

Golf Outing

hand of woman golf player gentle put a golf ball onto wooden tee on the tee off, to make ready hit away from tee off to the fairway ahead. Healthy and Lifestyle Concept.

Head to one of Rhode Island’s golf courses and spend the day out on the green with your closest friends. Whether you choose to make the game competitive or use it as a relaxing way to get outside and catch up, golfing is a great way to celebrate. If you are an avid golfer, test out a new venue to make the experience a new one. Check out these locations for golfing and COVID restrictions: Triggs Memorial Golf Course, North Kingstown Golf Course, Laurel Lane Country Club and Jamestown Golf Course.

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