Southern New England Wedding Details We’re Loving This Month

Southern New England Wedding Details We’re Loving This Month


From stunning rings to decadent dessert displays, these are all the southern New England wedding-related details that have us ooh-ing and ah-ing in May 2021.

1. This aquatic centerpiece vase.

Posted by @michaelmarcoux_events // photo taken by @adelineandgracephoto

2. These Vogue-ready ladies.

📷: @paulroberberman

3. This decadent dessert display.

📷: @danamarie_weddings

4. These chic lanterns.

Posted by @fabulositydesigns

5. This bubbly couple.

📷: @emilycrencaphotography

6. This stunner.


7. And this one.


8. And these.

📷: @emilycrencaphotography

9. This on-the-mark invite.

📷: @emilycrencaphotography

12. This perfect timing.

📷: @melcolvinphotography

10. This incredible wedding film preview.

📷: @jbhornfilm

11. This flashback.


13. This commanding cake.

📷: @rhodetripperphotography

14. This color palette.

📷: @littleheartphoto

15. This secret garden setting.

📷: @boldaslovestudios

16. This getaway car.

Posted by @capecodcelebrations // photo taken by @jamesshardmanweddings

17. This gorgeous gown.

📷: @jamalandlashanaphoto

18. This colorful signage.

Posted by @fontsandflourishesco // photo taken by @kirsten_capron

19. And this pun-tastic seating chart.

📷: @fontsandflourishesco

20. This throwback.

📷: @nicoleraephotography_

21. This galactic topper.


22. This beautiful story.

📷: @photographyct

23. This creatively cut invite.

📷: @design_by_sofia_invites

24. This sweet moment.

📷: @kirsten_capron

25. This fancy fringe.

📷: @smiledarlingphoto

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  1. Hi there – thanks for the feature! This was a pleasant surprise!

  2. I detest the fad of scraping the frosting off so much that the cake shows beneath (semi-naked)! The only reason I eat cake is tor the frosting. Most wedding cakes are as dry as bones so the frosting is the saving grace. I think this was started by bakeries which wanted to save money on their butter cream. I went to a shower once and said that the cake was lovely to look at (woodland theme) but there wasn’t enough frosting to save it.

  3. Thanks so much for the feature! Love all these details XO

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