Southern New England Wedding Details We’re Loving This Month

Southern New England Wedding Details We’re Loving This Month

📷: @micaela_grace_

From smiling brides to moving details, these are all the southern New England wedding-related details that have us ooh-ing and ah-ing in July 2021.

1. This dreamy black and white.

Posted by @thedailydeana // Photo taken by @brookenashphoto

2. This elegant tablescape.

📷: @rhodetripperphotography

3. This ethereal engagement session.

📷: @paulrobertberman

4. This floral place card.

📷: @kristinnicoleevents

5. This look of love (and that floral crown).

📷: @kirsten_capron

6. This twirl.

📷: @kirsten_capron

7. And this dance.

📷: @sharum_photography

8. This sweet setup.

📷: @danamarie_weddings

9. This gorgeous wedding film (see it here).

📷: @jbhornfilm

10. This bouquet turned sweetheart table decor.

📷: @danamarie_weddings

11. This glowing smile.

📷: @melcolvinstudios

13. And this glowing guest.

📷: @jamalandlashanaphoto

14. This princess bride.

📷: @melissastimpson

15. This awesome “guys with flowers” series.

📷: @east_passage

16. This adorable party crasher.

📷: @teresajohnsonphotography

17. This spirited centerpiece idea.

📷: @micaela_grace_

18. This toast-worthy detail.

📷: @somethingborrowedeventdecor

19. This reminder of why we adore fall weddings.

📷: @paulrobertberman

20. This simply stunning arbor.

📷: @uniquelychicvintagesrentals

21. These visions in white.

📷: @sabrina_scolari_photography

22. This geometric backdrop that tickles us pink.

📷: @uniquelychicvintagesrentals

23. This supportive first touch.

📷: @flavio_d_photography

24. This beautiful tribute.

📷: @kimlynphotography

25. This striking invitation flat lay.

📷: @hemlockridgedesigns

26. This vivacious bridal party.

📷: @emilycrencaphotography

27. This tunnel of love.

📷: @talesofsonder

28. And finally, this buried treasure.

📷: @twophotographersinlove

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  1. Hi there – thanks for the feature! This was a pleasant surprise!

  2. I detest the fad of scraping the frosting off so much that the cake shows beneath (semi-naked)! The only reason I eat cake is tor the frosting. Most wedding cakes are as dry as bones so the frosting is the saving grace. I think this was started by bakeries which wanted to save money on their butter cream. I went to a shower once and said that the cake was lovely to look at (woodland theme) but there wasn’t enough frosting to save it.

  3. Thanks so much for the feature! Love all these details XO

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