Paige Zuber and Michael Weishaus are Engaged!

Paige Zuber and Michael Weishaus are Engaged!

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Paige Zuber of Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, and Michael Weishaus of Pelham, New York, are engaged! The Rhode Island transplants are set to wed on September 28, 2024 at the Providence G Ballroom.

How We Met

Mike and I met at Johnson & Wales our freshman year in a marketing class. I sat behind him and at first didn’t want much to do with him because I was on a mission to finish my classes and graduate early. Then we had a group project. Him, myself and three other students were put together to create a product. While the rest of the project is history (we passed, FYI), what really got us to become friends was our summer job at JWU, both a part of the Orientation Team. We ran with the same group of friends, so we hung out a lot. End of August rolled around and that’s when we went on our first date. Again, wasn’t thinking too much of it. On September 25, 2016, he brought me out to dinner and then to Xavier Hall where we had our first class together— it was there he asked me to be his girlfriend.

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Our Proposal Story

Fast forward five years, we live together, have great jobs and an adorable dog named Gnocchi. In February 2021, we went to look at rings just so I could get an idea of what I wanted some day. I was fully convinced I was going to get engaged in 2022. Two days later, after falling in love my now current ring, Mike went and bought it. On November 13, 2021, Mike told me we were going out for a night with our friends. His best friend John just happened to fly up from Miami, too. I got dressed up and we went to go watch the sunset at Prospect Terrace Park in Providence with our friends, a favorite spot of ours. When we got there, Mike said, “Do you want to know what’s happening tonight?” At that moment, he started his proposal speech and I broke down in tears. He hired a professional photographer and the icing on this perfect cake was that he gathered ALL our immediate family from New Jersey and New York to celebrate with us that weekend. Cue more tears. It was absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m still in shock about the amount of planning that went into this. So many vendors played a part and so many people knew! You might be asking: did we plan to match? No. Mike’s original shirt was actually too tight on him because he was bloated from so much anxiety on what was about to happen!

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