Kristina & Kindell | Sept. 20, 2020

Kristina & Kindell | Sept. 20, 2020

📸: Ashley Olafsson

The Meet Cute

After some time working together at the College Crusade, Kindell asked Kristina on a bowling date. “Neither of us thought we were a good fit after that night,” Kristina admits. Fortunately, the two stayed friends and met often at a local coffee shop to get work done before hanging out at India Point Park. “This is where we really fell in love. I started to edit her film scripts and she would remind me to pay attention to my studies,” says Kindell. Still, they always pay homage to their less than stellar first date: “We go bowling on our anniversary every year.”

The Engagement

Seven years later during their annual participation in Easton Beach’s New Year’s Day Polar Plunge, Kristina returned from the freezing cold water to find some of the couple’s closest loved ones on the beach with red roses in hand. Speakers played a friend’s special recording of Alicia Keys’ “Unthinkable,” and after being handed each rose, Kristina was greeted by Kindell with a heartfelt journal entry. “Surrounded by love, she asked me to continue to spend the rest of my life with her!” Kristina recalls. That night, the couple drove to India Point Park where Kristina shared a couple of her own love letters before asking if Kindell would be her wife, too. “Of course, I said yes!” Kindell confirms.

The Process

Planning during a pandemic was like the worst migraine you ever had,” says Kindell. “We had to completely change all of our plans. I had to find a new jumpsuit, we had to change vendors and venues, and make the tough decision to cut our guest list from 150 to 28. I’m not the planning and organization type, so I give all the credit to my beautiful wife and our fabulous planner, Pearl!” Unlike many other engaged couples, the two decided not to try and wait the pandemic out. “We realized anything can happen to either one of us at any moment. We wanted to be legally married and able to take care of things. It was a long road to get to this point and I was ready no matter what,” Kindell explains. It also allowed them to honor both her late father and Kristina’s late grandmother by choosing their shared birthday month of September for the special occasion. In the end: “Having a small intimate wedding with family was the best! It allowed us to just be with the ones we loved.”

The Vision

“We always said we wanted to have a river boat wedding,” Kristina says. “Maybe it wasn’t exactly a river boat party, but we were on the water and surrounded by boats!” The Newport Yachting Center provided not only the gorgeous marina backdrop, but also the intimate and simple vibe they were going for. “Another important element I was adamant about was taking my own photos of Kristina,” adds Kindell. “I am a photographer and wanted to create images that represented how I saw my wife in those moments. I was able to take a few photos after the first look and at India Point Park before we headed to Tiny Bar to continue our celebration.”

The Aisle

With Kindell’s father having passed away ten years prior, she knew her aisle descent would be a bittersweet moment. But she made sure to put emphasis on the sweetness: “My aunt Dawn, my dad’s sister, was our officiant. It was my way of including my dad who would have been very proud. And then my two younger sisters walked me down the aisle, which was such a very special moment for me!” she says. Kristina, meanwhile, had made the personal decision to walk herself to the alter. That is, until Kindell came up with the idea to meet her halfway. “It was my way of showing her that, ‘I got you and we can do this together. I am with you the rest of the way, always.’”

The Vows

“It was hard for me to express my love with words because it’s all based on indescribable feelings,” Kindell says. “But one thing that stuck out was Kristina telling me to not make promises I couldn’t keep. There was one I knew I could keep forever: to love her beyond love itself.” Meanwhile, Kristina compiled her thoughts from notes she had jotted down in the months leading up to the big day. “The night before, I started to pull together all my ideas and followed my spirit and energy to write vows that were perfectly aligned with our love story.” Their advice for approaching your own vows? “Incorporate your relationship’s quirks, the willingness to try differently in those difficult moments and the promise to love and grow however that may look like to the both of you.”

The Highlights

“Absolutely the first look! At first glance, my heart exploded in excitement. We smiled and then the tears started. It was a perfect moment and confirmed how perfect we are for one another.” — Kristina

“Our first look literally left me speechless! I cried a lot. I think of this moment often and I get butterflies all over again.” — Kindell

The Details

Ceremony, Reception and Catering: Regatta Place | Kindell’s Hair: Rhonda Alves of Moroccan Hair Design | Kristina’s Makeup: Veronica Esparra | Kindell’s Makeup: Omi Bellisma | Kristina’s Dress: David’s Bridal | Kindell’s Jumpsuit: David’s Bridal | Best Dude’s Formalwear: Enjoli Thomas, ASOS | Matron of Honor’s Dress: Jasmine Kiser, David’s Bridal | Flowers: Franchesca’s Events and Floral Design | Cake: Sin | Officiant: Dawn Clover | Wedding Planner: Pearl Farquharson of Designed by Delsie | Reception Music: Libra Lioness LLC | After Party Locale: Tiny Bar

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