Megan and Richard

Megan and Richard

Bride’s name: Megan Thomas
Bride’s hometown: Ulster Park, N.Y.
Groom’s name: Richard Barton
Groom’s hometown: Rifton, N.Y.
Wedding date: July 12, 2013
Wedding Venue: The Narragansett Towers

Tell us how you met: In ninth grade I had a crush on the blue-eyed boy in the back of the room. He seemed a little quiet and shy like me. After that year, I didn’t see him much and my crush faded. When I was in eleventh grade, he asked me out. I had another boyfriend and gave him the wrong number! We ran into each other while I was home from college one weekend. He asked me for my number again; I suggested he get it from a mutual friend. To my surprise he did! From our first date, we had a great time together.

We are getting married at the Narragansett Towers because we have been vacationing in Narragansett for the past seven years. We have been staying at the same B&B and we will also stay there for our wedding. The B&B owner is actually going to be our Justice of the Peace!

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