Aisle Say: Derby Girls

Aisle Say: Derby Girls


We enjoyed a genteel, derby-themed afternoon at Cafe Nuovo; hats and mint juleps were required.

By Amanda Parker

The day finally arrived. After much planning, excitement and anticipation, it was finally here! I woke up extra early, Adam left to go play golf, I showered, threw my hair in a bun, put some makeup on, slipped into my derby themed dress, put on my big yellow hat and yellow shoes, and we were off. It was derby day — well, at least my derby day. We walked into Café Nuovo with our ninety mint plants and it was beautiful. From the red rose centerpieces (by Golden Gate Studios) to the red striped straws to the mint juleps, everything was great. As people started arriving everyone laughed hysterically at everyone’s hats. Who was bumping hats, who couldn’t even hug because their hats were too big — it was hilarious! Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were passed outside. Once 1 p.m. rolled around, it was time for lunch and, in true derby fashion, we had a trumpet player across the way play the horse racing song that they do at the beginning of every horse race “Call to Post.” Everyone was shocked and cheering — it was so much fun!20 menu 3

For lunch we had our choice of appetizer, entree and then dessert. Everything was absolutely delicious and beautifully presented! Between the appetizer and entree Café Nuovo staff had me start opening gifts. This was probably the part I was most nervous about because I didn’t want everyone to look at me while I was opening — I think that’s just a little awkward — but it was perfect. Everyone was chatting so I would open the envelope, we would try to get the person’s attention and then I would open her gift. It was a great way of doing it because then the person was able to watch me, but not everyone was watching me at once.

After opening all of the gifts we gave prizes for our Win, Place and Show of hats. All received a mint julep cup and a bottle of bourbon for their cocktail making. Lastly, in order to give away the centerpieces, I had found a poem online that really fit the theme. Everyone had some issues counting their points, but they all had fun doing it. Adam and my dad showed up once we were done (Adam showed up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers — hint, hint to all the men out there) and, needless to say, were very overwhelmed with all of the hats.

Café Nuovo is a perfect place for a shower. The staff was so attentive and Dimitri was absolutely fabulous with everything from the planning to the day of. They even took all the gifts out to the car and helped pack them up! Everyone has raved about the food, the service and especially the desserts. It was fabulous.

Also, I must brag for a minute that I have the best bridesmaids. They came to the house after and put everything away. It was a perfect day.

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