Amanda: Last Minute Details

Amanda: Last Minute Details


Gifts, the bachelorette party (woo-hoo!) and the seating chart.

By Amanda Parker

“I want to have everything for the wedding done by August 1 so I can enjoy the rest of the summer.”

My pre-bridezilla self is laughing right now. That was my goal — everything done by August 1. That was a good joke. You don’t realize it but, a lot of stuff creeps up on you at the last minute and there is nothing you can do about it. Actually, most of the stuff has to wait until the last minute anyway.

My house looks like wedding threw up all over it. Bridesmaid gifts, boxes of stuff, a poster board size seating chart on the dining room table – stuff is everywhere, and it’s driving Adam crazy. Also, I’m pretty sure that I’m single-handedly keeping the Postal Service in business right now. Every single day there is a box at my door and it’s like Christmas all over again because I can never remember what I ordered. Also, Etsy: Where would I be without you? I’m not quite sure. Etsy has everything you can imagine. To me it’s like Pinterest on steroids. The greatest thing about Etsy is that you actually do not have to make the super cute crafty things you find on Pinterest. There are people out there with way more craft skills than I have that will just do it. It’s genius!

On Thursday we’re doing the seating chart – which hopefully will be super easy. But, what I hear is that it’s awful…maybe we’ll be the exception? Fingers crossed.

Saturday is my bachelorette party!!!!! The girls have worked so hard on this, but they’ve also been super sneaky. I know nothing — literally nothing — and it’s driving me crazy. The surprise factor is fun but it’s actually driving me crazy. I’ve tried to trick people into telling me. Also, like a total crazy person, I even tried to Google image search the menu of the lunch place that we’re going to. Lauren had texted me the menu to get my order. So, me being me, I emailed it to myself and then tried to search for it. Okay, I know what you’re saying: lunatic. But sometimes I just got to know!! Anyway, I couldn’t find a damn thing.

Next week I’ll have lots to update you on. Until then, cheers!

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