Courtney: Cake For Breakfast

Courtney: Cake For Breakfast

If only every decision was as “hard” as choosing filling flavors.

By Courtney Danielson
Cake from Confectionery Designs by Mark Soliday. Photo by Snap Weddings,

Okay, so this might have been one of the most fun and least stressful parts of wedding planning: cake tasting. It’s definitely been one of the aspects of the whole process that I was looking forward to the most, since I think the wedding cake is more than just the dessert…it’s got its own kind of star power during the reception.

After months of waiting, it was finally time to book our appointment for the tasting. The bakery that we’re working with, Confectionery Designs, sent me an email of the various cake filling flavors available, and asked me to narrow it down to five. It was just about impossible, but my mom and I managed to do it.

We scheduled the appointment for 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and when we arrived for a morning of eating cake for breakfast Mark, the owner/baker, presented us with two flavors of cake to choose from (the standard vanilla and chocolate), and our five selected fillings.

First things first: The decision was impossible. My dad and Chuck were super involved in this portion of the morning, tasting and re-tasting each filling to be certain that we were making the right decision (and, you know, to make sure nothing went to waste). Everything tasted so amazing that we were all a bit stuck. In the end, we did ultimately decide on two separate filling choices (which is a secret until the big day), and decided to use both the vanilla and chocolate cakes in the various tiers.

Next up was the part that my mom and I were most excited for, and when Chuck and my dad completely checked out (they just kept trying to scrape every little bit of filling out of the dishes). My mom and I had arrived armed with iPhones, iPads and Pinterest, so we sat down with Mark to show him what types of designs we were interested in, and to discuss how many layers we’ll need based on our guest count.

With tons of cakes pinned to my Pinterest board, I had no idea how I would possibly be able to pick one, but my mom and I actually kept being drawn to the same one over and over again. We took it as a sign that and went with it. It’s simple and elegant, but with a little hint of glam…exactly what we’re going for.

The design of the cake is also going to stay a secret until the big day, but it is posted on my Pinterest board, which you can check out. Feel free to take a guess and let me know which one you think it is!

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