Molly: They’re Newport Navy? Perfect.

Molly: They’re Newport Navy? Perfect.

J. Crew comes through with price and style for my bridesmaids.

By Molly O’Brien

I said ‘yes’ to the dress…the bridesmaid dress, that is.

Bridesmaid dress
Kinsley, my friend’s daughter, playing dress-up with her mom’s bridesmaid dress.

I knew I wanted navy blue dresses. I knew I didn’t care if they were all the same or different, I just wanted everyone to be comfortable. (Goodness knows if you have ever been a bridesmaid, or seen a bridesmaid, some of those dresses are not comfortable.)

My hunt for a bridesmaid dress was multifaceted, and I wanted the process to be as simple as possible for the girls. I wasn’t set on any certain style. I always liked the idea of everyone choosing a different style of dress that fit their body type.

I didn’t have the option of everyone getting together or, really, any of us getting together. I have amazing friends from all points of life in my bridal party: girlfriends from home I grew up with, girlfriends from college, girlfriends I used to work with, a sister and a sister-to-be. They live across the country, so no one could meet up and try things on.

Should I give them a color and everyone goes and buys their own dress? Hmmm. That was an idea.

Originally my hunt started on a website everyone could look at. As long as the girls picked the same fabric, they could select the style they liked the best. When I realized it was going to take a long time to ship, and who knows the quality of material, I said, “NEXT!”

I hunted around J. Crew and loved their dresses. The ones I really liked were too pricey. I’ve been in enough bridal parties to know that while it is an honor, it’s an expensive honor. I wanted to keep the cost down for my friends as much as possible. Many of them are spending an arm and a leg to fly here for the wedding.

Then (cue the heavenly “ahhhhhhhhh” angelic tone) I found one: a navy blue strapless knee-length dress. Even better? It was on sale for $65. Who buys a bridesmaid dress for $65? I win!

The sale only lasted two days, but Christine, my soon-to-be-sister, worked with a team from J. Crew to extend the sale price for my bridesmaids. The staff was great and all of my girls found dresses that fit them perfectly. Best of all the color is actually Newport Navy! Check that one off the list….

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