Heather Bishop & Michael Silveira

Heather Bishop & Michael Silveira

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Heather Bishop and Michael Silvera of Middletown, Rhode Island are set to wed August 8, 2021 at Easton’s Beach in Newport, Rhode Island.

How We Met

We started talking on the phone on my long commute home from work — it was easy, comfortable conversation. He made me laugh so much it hurt. We tried to set up a date to meet and life kept getting in the way, but the third time is the charm and we met. Our first date was at the Muse Paint Bar in Foxboro, MA. Neither one of us believed in love at first sight until that day! The date started in the middle of the day and went on until late that night! We were having an incredible time and didn’t want to leave. We have been together ever since!

Our Proposal Story

He was planning a surprise for our two year anniversary. He was dropping hints like crazy on accident. I kept asking questions and saying things to get more information. He was so excited about what he had to plan he couldn’t help but giggle. I literally saw the twinkle in eye when he was talking about the night. We got dressed and ready to go and we drove for awhile before he had me cover my eyes. When I opened my eyes, we were at my favorite beach, Old Silver in Falmouth. He handed me two dozen long stem white and red roses and we walked onto the beach. It was an absolutely beautiful night. He set up the most romantic picnic for the two of us. He made all my favorites in mason jars — even a pineapple upside down cake! I still don’t know how he did it. He had a playlist of hand-selected, perfect songs playing in the background and rose petals everywhere. We sat down and enjoyed our picnic. Just as the sun was about to set, he took my hand and we danced as he told me everything a woman would want to hear about spending the rest of our lives together. The next moment, he got down on one knee and presented me with a stunning engagement ring, specially designed by him for me. The ring box had a light in it but I swore it was my eyes making it shine. I said yes, but I was so overwhelmed and emotional I had to ask him to make sure I did. We absolutely lucked out and there was a professional photographer on the beach who captures pictures of this once in a lifetime moment. I wanted to marry him the next day but we are planning our wedding for next summer at Easton’s Beach. I want our wedding to take place at home so at any moment I can go there and relive what is going to be the greatest day of our lives together.

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