Survive Your Wedding Day With the Oh Sh*t Kit

Survive Your Wedding Day With the Oh Sh*t Kit

Hairpins? Check. Nail glue? Check. Safety pins? Check. Tissues? Of course. Mini scissors? Oh, no…

This kit is for those who think they’re fully prepared for the big day but will be saying “Oh, sh*t!” when a seam rips, a drink spills or an eyelash falls off.

With hundreds of to-dos and worries fogging up your mind, you’ll be all set if you have these with you for any last-minute emergencies, wardrobe mishaps, illness or touch-ups.

The Kit

You don’t need a giant toolbox for your wedding day. A tackle box or craft organizer will do the trick to keep everything you need in its appropriate place. You’ll be feeling like JLo from The Wedding Planner with your tool belt of quick fixes.

What to Include:

Hairspray: You can never have enough hairspray, especially if your wedding is on the coast! Your photographer will thank you for keeping those baby hairs in place and it’s a great way to touch up for reception entrance photos.

Q-tips: The last thing you want is to use your perfectly manicured nails to clean up the edges of bright lipstick or fix an eyeliner wing or smudge. Bonus: If you decide to include your pooch in the bridal party, you never know when you’ll have to clean its ears.

Floss: Surprisingly, this has multiple uses. You can slyly help a friend out and save them from embarrassment when they have spinach stuck between their teeth, or you can use this in lieu of thread (actually much sturdier) to fix any ripped seams. Make sure to include a small sewing needle, if this is your plan.

Alcohol wipes: Hopefully there won’t be an injury as severe as needing a hospital visit, but in the case of a cut or blister, make sure you have something to clean it if there isn’t a sink nearby. Even better, it doubles as a sanitizer.

Band-Aids: Didn’t have time to break in new shoes? Wear Band-Aids on your heels and toes (the fabric ones are the comfiest) to prevent rubbing and blisters. We recommend carrying multiple sizes and varieties, because you just never know.

Ibuprofen: Whatever is making your head spin, take a minute to pop a pain reliever. The worst place to get a splitting headache is on the dance floor with music blasting and your guests screaming at the top of their lungs, although that does give you an excuse to sneak away with your new spouse for a moment.

Nail glue: If you’re opting for press-ons or nail extensions, you just never know when one will pop off. Glue it back on for a temporary fix to get you through the night.

Eyelash glue: Once again, this has a multitude of purposes. If your eyelash brushes against your veil and comes unglued, no need to fear! Touch it up and carry on with the photos. Our tip: To hold necklaces in place for photos, dab a bit of eyelash glue on either the clasp on the nape of your neck or on the back of the pendant (if it’s not too valuable).

Cough drops: No matter what time of year, there’s going to be someone with a cough. Kindly give it to someone with a tickle in their throat during the ceremony or keep it for yourself at the end of the night when you’ve lost your voice from belting out your favorite tunes.

Hair ties: When you’re ready to throw down on the dance floor, tie your hair back, if your hairstyle allows! Or, keep them handy as a button fastener extension after being filled with good food.

Safety pins: A must. Make sure you have various sizes and colors, and be sure the fastener side is invisible.

Bobby pins: Hairspray and gel can only go so far, and odds are, you’ll be missing a few by the end of the night. Always good to keep extras on hand.

Pen: Great for marking or adding some last-minute touches to your written vows.

Tide-to-Go pen: Perfect to fixing a few droplets of wine when things get rowdy.

Sandpaper: This may seem silly, but tear off a small bit of coarse sandpaper to scuff up the bottom of your shoes, if they’re new. This will prevent any aisles from turning into slip-and-slides.

Tissues: These are a given! A small pack is perfect to grab a few before heading to the altar.

Fashion tape: If safety pins scare you or don’t work best for your wardrobe malfunction, opt in for fashion tape! This can be safely adhered to skin to keep clothing where it should be.

Crochet hook: Unconventional, but a must for looping those hard-to-reach buttons or catching the clasps on jewelry.

TUMS: Although the catering can be rich and lavish, your stomach isn’t necessarily used to a four- or five-course meal. Make sure you can enjoy the rest of the night (and dessert) without any interruption.

Matches: A great way to singe the ends of rough-edged ribbons and seal the deal.

Scissors: Cut any loose threads or tags to make sure you’re completely seamless.

Gum: You wouldn’t want your first kiss with your new spouse to be remembered by bad breath, right? Ward off garlic breath by popping a few mints or a piece of gum before walking down the aisle (but don’t forget to spit it out!).

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