Hope LaFitte and Molly Galofaro are Engaged!

Hope LaFitte and Molly Galofaro are Engaged!

📸: Mel Colvin // @melcolvinstudios

Love is a’brewin’ with these ladies.

Hope LaFitte of Providence, Rhode Island and Molly Galafaro of Attleboro, Mass. are engaged! These craft beer connoisseurs will say “I do” where it all started at The Guild Pawtucket on October 14, 2022.

How We Met

Molly and I met through a mutual (ex) friend years ago, but we were both in long term relationships. Years later, we found ourselves both single and started spending more one on one time with each other while working at The Guild. It was hard to deny our chemistry so we took a risk and didn’t look back!

Our Proposal Story

We drove down to Blount’s on the water and had a lobster roll, followed by ice cream from The Wright Scoop dairy trailer! Afterward, we went to Colt State Park to watch the sunset. After sitting for a while, Molly went back to the car because she “forgot something.” 

She comes back with a backpack, pulled out her ukulele, and serenaded me with The Wedding Singer original “Grow Old With You” by Adam Sandler. It was absolutely beautiful, and the easiest question to answer. We finished with a bottle of champagne!

Setting the Date

Fall is by far our favorite season and the weather is usually perfect! Plus, Molly hates to be hot so we had to make sure it would be in a month where the nights are cooler. 

Planning Post-Pandemic

We know we had to book my hair and makeup first because those vendors are almost two years booked out (and I snagged one of the last available Fridays in October from JMV Makeup).  We had to pick a Friday instead of a Saturday at The Guild because there were very slim pickings for fall dates, and we had to search a lot for a good photographer. But our florist? Not even booked yet. But, I’ve called around and there are a handful of shops that have our date available. I would say, whatever you’re stressed the most about, book first. 

We invited about 150 people and are expecting 130. We’re going for a romantic “bring the outside in” vibe, lots of greenery, candles….we’ll see how our execution is! 

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