Jenn & Jenn | Aug. 21, 2021

Jenn & Jenn | Aug. 21, 2021

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After a flash mob surprise proposal, it’s official: Jenn Squared is forever.

The Meet Cute: They met in July 2016, when Jenn E. (left) came in for an interview and Jenn P. (right) was chairing the search committee. Jenn E. describes it as one of the worst moments in her life, claiming that she bombed the interview, but Jenn P. can confirm that Jenn E. was a shoo-in for the job. They were strictly colleagues for a year. (Technically, one was the other’s boss.) They also shared an office space and, on occasion, would meet for dinner and drinks after work. These outings became more frequent after a year of knowing each other, and soon enough, they found themselves both single. “We realized that when we were apart from each other for too long, even a few days, we missed each other tremendously,” Jenn P. says. It was during one night out with friends that Jenn P. ever so courageously went in for a kiss, and they have been inseparable ever since.

The Engagement: Jenn P. surprised Jenn E. on her thirtieth birthday by flying her to San Francisco, CA. During the trip, they took a photo by the heart statue at Fisherman’s Wharf. A year later, Jenn P. took Jenn E. back to the spot to recreate the photo, but little did Jenn E. know that the person taking the photo would lead a flash mob proposal. “Toto’s ‘Africa’ has always been a meaningful song in our relationship,” Jenn P. says. “It used to play in the office when we worked together and then when we started dating and traveling, it seemed like the song would travel with us: the cab ride in Aruba, a musician singing an acoustic cover in Nashville and on the elevator in Memphis, just to name a few random places.” When the flash mob started to dance to “Africa,” Jenn E. thought it was just the universe speaking to them. It was not until the flash mob pulled Jenn P. in to perform a choreographed dance that Jenn E. realized what was happening. Leading up to the proposal, Jenn P. “practiced the routine in the bathroom and even on the elliptical at the gym.”

The Intimate Setting: The wedding was at Jenn P.’s family beach house in Warren. This was the first home that they lived in together for more than a year before renting an apartment near Boston and buying their first home, an old schoolhouse, in Middleboro.

The Details: The couple splurged on a band, Clockwork New England, and requested that the band learn and perform Toto’s “Africa.” The wedding guests joined in the dance that Jenn P. learned for the flash mob proposal. Because both Jenns are educators and live in an old schoolhouse, they rented a yellow school bus to take the wedding party from the hotel to the venue.

The Details

Ceremony and Reception: Backyard wedding in Warren, RI | Catering: Pranzi Catering & Events | Jenn E.’s Hair: Lynda Williams Beauty | Jenn E.’s Makeup: Dee, Pretty Faces by Alan | Jenn P.’s Hair and Makeup: Lynda Williams Beauty | Bridal Attire: Alexandra’s Boutique | Decor: Pranzi Catering & Events; DIY from family and brides | Florals: Bridalwishdesign on Etsy | Reception Entertainment: Clockwork New England

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