Amanda: Uhh, What Time Did You Say?

Amanda: Uhh, What Time Did You Say?

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As the bride, it’s easy (but bad) to overlook details on the invites.

By Amanda Parker

Invitations are hard. As the bride you know all the details — you know when and where and who you’ll be marrying (well, I hope at least). But now you have to write it as if no one knows you and no one has any clue. Difficult, right? At one of the wedding shows we found Emily’s Enchantments, a local business that makes wedding invites by hand. Emily started on Etsy, and now her business has just exploded. We met with her once, she did a few samples, and she totally nailed my pink, white, black, bling, old-school glam theme.

After going back and forth several times (and probably totally driving her crazy with changes and different wording) we finally settled on wording and a design. I gave the invitation to Adam to look over and his first response was, “Well, what time is the reception?” I was confused. I was like, “Adam, you know — duhhh — have you even been paying attention?!” But he was talking about the invitation. Nowhere on the invitation did we have the time of the reception. We had the place, but no time.

Oops. Big oops.

I called Emily in a complete panic, and she was so calm and relaxed. She said “no problem,” drafted up a new invitation and it was perfect.

I have three major invitation suggestions for all you brides-to-be:

1. Find someone you trust with your entire life to do your invitations. It’s very nerve-wracking because this is the part everyone sees and every little bit of information needs to be on there, correctly.

2. Have someone else read the invitation. You know all the information so you may not notice that someone is missing or something is incorrect.

3. Before you buy your stamps to put on the invitations, take a sample with you to the post office and have them weighed to ensure correct postage. Most of the time you need two stamps for wedding invitations and if you don’t get it weighed, you may be stuck with Abraham Lincoln postage next to the white flowered bouquet.

Once they are all out, sit back and wait for all your responses…and maybe treat yourself to a cocktail. That’s one more item off the list.

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