9 Cute and Creative Candids

9 Cute and Creative Candids

caitlin maloney 1
Caitlin Maloney,

This couple didn’t let a little rain spoil their day. In fact, they managed to turn it into a picture perfect moment.

By Leah Kiernan

Your wedding day is filled with hundreds of meaningful moments, and it’s up to your photographer to try and capture them. Of course getting a group shot with the entire wedding party is important, but it’s really that look of excitement walking down the aisle and the loving glances during the first dance that you will want to preserve forever. Your candid photos are the ones that will recreate the day and help you remember all of the best moments from your wedding for years to come.

After sorting through dozens upon dozens of online albums, I finally chose nine non-traditional images that I believe tell the best stories. Whether it was taking a walk through the rain or reenacting the famous lift scene from “Dirty Dancing”, these photos have personality and once again prove that a picture really is worth a thousand words.


Move Mountains Co.,

I may be slightly biased thanks to a childhood obsession with horses, but this couple clearly knows how to have fun and bring something unique to their wedding day.


Plugovoy Photography,

As an ocean state native, the beach is sure to bring a smile to your face. The new husband doesn’t hurt, either.


Blueflash Photography,

No bridesmaids were harmed in the making of this picture… or at least not too seriously.


Caitlin Maloney
Caitlin Maloney Photography,

What did I say? Rhode Islanders were made for sun and sand, so what better place to take your wedding photos than at the beach?


sarah pudlo
Sarah Pudlo & Co.,

Any Dirty Dancing fans out there? This photo is a classic.


michelle carpenter
Michelle Carpenter Photography,

The groom’s expression in this photo is hard to beat; this is what true love looks like.


jamie corbman
Jamie Corbman Photography,

This picture proves two things: she picked the right dress and (more importantly) she picked the right bridesmaids.


brad smith
Brad Smith Photography,

This romantic sunset moment gives Cinderella’s “happily ever after” a run for her money.

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