Best of Rhode Island (Engaged)

Best of Rhode Island (Engaged)

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Time to start warming up those typing digits — Best of Rhode Island 2017 is here!

By Kaitlyn Murray

 I’m going to let you in on a little (probably not-so-secret) secret: Around the office, my fellow Rhode Island Monthly employees and I affectionately refer to our annual Best of Rhode Island poll and subsequent issue simply as ‘BORI’ (Pronounced BORE-ee). As you can imagine, with the poll opening on April 1st and then culminating in a big blow out celebration at PPAC in July, Best of Rhode Island shenanigans take up quite a bit of our work lives for quite a big chunk of the year. So having to say “Best of Rhode Island” or, worse, “Best of Rhode Island Reader’s Poll,” every time it comes up in conversation during office hours?

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

But I’ll let you in on another, more personal secret: When I talk about BORI, I like to think that there’s a silent (and invisible) ‘E’ at the end. What does the E stand for? Why, Engaged, of course! Our BORI(E) ballot always asks readers to vote for their favorite local wedding professionals, and, as the editor of Engaged, I love seeing how my opinions stack up next to the general public’s. It’s also a chance for me to learn about new or undiscovered talents!

But before you go and endorse your loyalties, I’m excited to announce that this year we even have a few more categories for you all to choose from. Take a look below and start planning accordingly:

Local Boutique for Wedding Dresses

2016 winner: The Bridal Garden

Emphasis on local. No shade meant towards the David’s Bridals of the world, but this is best of Rhode Island, peeps. We would love to recognize our supremely dedicated, home-grown designers, seamstresses and business owners!

Wedding Caterer

2016 winner:  Kirkbrae Country Club

Did your caterer go above and beyond on your big day, providing not only exceptional food but phenomenal service, to-die-for linens and Chiavari chairs? Or did they create a custom menu that managed to perfectly complement your nautical-meets-Marvel theme? The people want to know.

Wedding Photographer

2016 winner: Jennifer Neves Photography

I’m an absolute sucker for engagement and wedding photography so please, please, please tell me whose Instagram I should be obsessively checking for the next year.

Wedding Music

2016 winner: Blurred Vision

I truly believe that music, whether live or curated, can make or break a reception. So knowing the name of a good band and/or DJ? Absolutely essential.

Wedding Cakes and Desserts

2016 winner: Sin

It’s not all about the cakes anymore (although there’s plenty that still knock our socks off!)… At Engaged we’ve seen cake pops, cupcake trees, doughnut platters, ice cream socials, tables coated in candy and more. Which sweet-maker fulfills your post-reception dinner craving best?

Wedding Stationery

2016 winner: Little Birdie Papercraft and Design

Your “Save the Date” is the first physical manifestation of your nuptials that guests see, while your invitation is literally the thing that ensures that you are surrounded by your closest friends and loved ones come wedding day. Surely recognition and appreciation for their creator is called for and well-deserved.

Wedding Jewelry

2016 winner: Perception Jewelry

There’s a lot of it to consider: Engagement rings, wedding bands, something new diamond earrings, dainty bracelets that won’t catch on your lace applique, necklace gifts for your bridesmaids… but just who around these parts makes and sells the finest of them all?

Wedding Florist

2016 winner: Golden Gate Studios

From bouquets and centerpieces to crowns and boutonnieres, flowers are weaved into the very fabric of modern-day weddings. Your florist is already surrounded by gorgeous blooms on the daily, so rather than sending a bunch of roses as thanks, why not bestow them with a BORI award?

Wedding Hair and Make-up

2016 winner: Ali Lomazzo Beauty

Sure, you could have done your own hair and makeup for the big day… But would your pout and eyebrows have been as ‘on point’? Would your self-ironed curls have held up as well throughout a sixteen hour day? I’m guessing probably not; there’s a reason why we all bow down to the beauty gurus.

Wedding Planner

2016 winner: Tiffany Marsocci, Kirkbrae’s wedding coordinator

Honestly, I can’t even plan a get together with friends on my own half the time, let alone an entire wedding. If you know of a wedding planner (who, on the DL, may be a magical genie), shout it from the rooftops so people like me can get through this process in peace.

Unique Local Wedding Transportation

2016 winner: Rockstar Limo

Sometimes you really can’t beat a classic stretch limo, but here in Little Rhody we also have sailboats, party buses and trolleys, oh my! Tell newly-engaged couples how they can get to and from their wedding in style.

Honeymoon Planner


Yes, it’s a thing! Better than just a travel agent, these are the people who know all the ins and outs of honeymoon planning, such as when and where to go, where to stay and what to do while you’re there.

Classic Wedding Venue


This is pretty broad, but we want to know: What is the consensus on the best classic wedding venue in the state? Is it a historical joint, like one of the mansions? An esteemed hotel in Providence? A rustic spot in South County? Feel free to sound off in the ballot, but maybe stay away from the ocean-view properties because there’s also…

Waterfront Wedding Venue


We’re the Ocean State, so there’s a plethora of establishments to choose from. Have at it!

Now rally the troops and head on over here and either confirm my biases or introduce me to my new faves!

And, of course, the BEST of luck to all those being nominated x

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