How to Nail Your Maid of Honor Speech

How to Nail Your Maid of Honor Speech


Once upon a time, your beautiful best friend suddenly gained a new beau. Don’t worry though; this is a happy story. She has finally found a man who treats her like the diamond you know she is. You are more than honored to share the tale of how she met her prince with her loved ones, but yikes… where do you begin?

By Dana Saccoccio

The Opening

Make sure you introduce yourself. You are the best friend; make sure the people in the back know who you are and how you two became so close. Leave the dad jokes to the experts for this one. You are better off starting with where it all began; after all you are telling a story — make sure everyone knows it’s worth listening to.

The Bride

Introduce her to the groom’s best friend’s uncle who may be meeting her for the first time at the reception. Make sure he knows exactly how great of a catch the bride is. Tell a story of how she’s really been there for you and remind the groom just how lucky he is. But leave out the drunken college stories. Rather, keep it classy—you can laugh about that one frat party after privately.

How You Knew He Was “The One”

Talk about a moment that really stands out. When she came home twirling around, telling you about this amazing date he took her on. Recall the first time the three of you hung out and how he could actually keep up with the conversation. Or maybe the time he willingly said he would be her model for that photography class she was taking. Tell everyone just how great of a couple they really are.

The Groom

What makes him so special? Listen, this is very important: Do not compare him to the exes. Do not mention the exes, pretend the exes do not exist in this moment. Tell everyone about that time he let you stay at his house when you came to visit. Share how he always goes out of his way to bring a smile to her face. Tell the story of that day he randomly showed up at her door with flowers just to remind her how much loves her. Say how you couldn’t have picked a better life partner for your girl if you tried.

And They Lived Happily Ever After…

Breathe, your 6 to 8 minutes of being in the spotlight is almost over. Here, you’ll want to end the story of your best friend winning over the affections of the guy she’s crazy about in the best way possible. Wish them a life full of laughter and happiness. Toast to the days that will overflow with love and support. Leave them with something they’ll be talking about for the rest of their lives. An inspirational quote, a few words that sum up what you hope their forever will look like.  Raise your glass and take your seat. If your bestie is fighting back happy tears, you can call it a success.


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