Aisle Say: Meet Kate and Kyle

Aisle Say: Meet Kate and Kyle

By Kate Sembor

I didn’t know that just two years after signing up for online dating, I would actually be engaged to the love of my life. Now you might be thinking, “Who actually finds their husband online?” Well, as an online dating skeptic, I was as surprised as you are! But, I am glad that I took the leap and wound up connecting with my fiancé, Kyle Wishart.

Our first date was a casual Sunday sushi lunch, followed by a few drinks and easy conversation overlooking Greenwich Bay. We talked about life after college, pursuing work that mattered and our goals for the future. It felt like we had known each other for years! The next few weeks were spent texting and calling each other while Kyle left the state to participate in a sailing race.

I could not wait for him to get back so we could go on our second date. The day he returned, Kyle invited me to go bike riding on the East Bay Bike Path. We spent several hours riding, stopping for photos and enjoying the outdoors.  Kyle failed to tell me that it was actually his birthday, but thanks to a surprise call from his mom while driving back home, I found out. He just couldn’t put off our second date a day longer! Seeing an opportunity, I insisted we celebrate that night with burgers on the water in Providence. It sounds cliché, but I knew right away that I probably didn’t need to go on any more first dates for the rest of my life.

Re-enacting our first date overlooking Greenwich Bay on our first anniversary.

Months after our relationship became “official’, Kyle revealed to me that he had actually attempted to reach out to me after seeing my profile online nearly a year prior, but I didn’t respond to his messages! When he saw that I was back online, he said to himself, “I’m not letting her go this time!”  I’m glad he was persistent!

Our time dating included some big changes for me, including a job change, going back to school for my MBA and eventually leaving my apartment in Providence to live with Kyle in the suburbs. Through it all, he has managed to remain a steady pillar of stability and a source of encouragement to me. On March 11, 2017, he presented me with the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen. On that quiet morning at our home, the “Yes!” came easily and I am still on cloud nine!

My champagne colored engagement ring – a reminder to celebrate each day!

Kyle and I mirror each other in all the right ways. We both changed career paths early on in life in order to pursue what makes us truly happy. Kyle is now a small business owner in a sector he loves — sailing — after beginning his career in corporate finance, and I am a non-profit professional after trying my hand at laboratory work after college. We balance each other with our thoughts on how to spend money, how to enjoy our leisure time, and what adventure we should take on next!

Our Canoe Trip Adventure

The next several months will no doubt be a bit hectic and stressful, but I’m not worried because my fiancé is by my side!  Thanks for sharing in this adventure with us!

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