Tips & Trends with Ana’s Bridal

Tips & Trends with Ana’s Bridal

Michelle Linhares-Teixeira, manager and seamstress at Ana’s Bridal, spills everything you need to know about wedding gown shopping.

When to shop:

We highly recommend brides start looking one to two years in advance.

Does it help or hinder a bride to already have a specific type of dress in mind?

We usually ask them to come in with some kind of base idea, but if they don’t have one it’s fine. We have had customers who come in and purchase the exact style they had in mind while others choose the complete opposite. It really boils down to how the gown looks/feels.

Are any particular styles trending this year?

Styles are all based on how the customer feels in the gown and what they want for their look. That’s why most gowns start one way and then we customize the brides’ ideas into it. All of our gowns end up being one-of-a-kind. Plus, styles and trends change so often and fads fade — we really think your style should be based on your tastes, venue and theme.

What mistakes do you often see brides make?

Booking multiple appointments at multiple shops. The more brides look around and search, the more they feel overwhelmed and lose sight of what they are truly looking for. Unfortunately, some end up with the wrong choice because they eventually give up and settle for any old gown. Don’t hesitate to purchase your gown at the first boutique you visit just because it’s “early” in the process — when it’s the one, it’s the one.

What other wedding collections do you offer?

All the attire! Dresses for bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, flower girls and other guests and even tuxedo rentals for the guys. We also offer in-house custom alterations, basic alterations and we accept outside gown alterations as well.

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