Engaged 2019 is Here!

Engaged 2019 is Here!

As the heads of a wedding magazine, we know that we’re not supposed to play favorites,  but we can’t deny that we’ve been absolutely living for fall weddings lately. Between the rich colors and cooler temps… It’s no wonder it’s replaced summertime as the new “wedding season.” Thus, as you flip through the following pages, you’ll notice quite a few odes to the season, whether it’s a full-page of deep red florals or a number of real weddings set in October. Even our gorgeous cover (shout out to the supremely talented Olivia Gird Photography!) features a nod to the motif!

But, if you aren’t as autumnally minded as us, don’t worry — we adore lighter looks, too (just peep our brand new watercolor design!), and we are happy to show just as much love to all of the other lovely local wedding themes. In fact, our feature alone boasts twenty-five reasons why Rhode Island weddings are the best, and our venue guide has something for every couple. We also have nine experts dishing on this year’s trends and dispensing some essential planning advice, along with a hot take on why first looks have become the norm. Plus, our engagement and real wedding sections showcase a wide variety of inspiration. 

No matter your tastes, we’re confident that our 2019 issue of Engaged has everything you will need to get from RIng to marRIage


Kait and Meg

Kaitlyn Murray, Associate Editor

Meaghan Susi, Associate Art Director

P.S. Wondering where you can get your hands on a copy? If you’re in Rhode Island, try your local Barnes and Noble or CVS. If those are sold out / you live in Massachusetts or Connecticut, check out this link. If you’re still not having any luck, give our office manager a call at 401-649-4800.

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