Mehry and Kyle

Mehry and Kyle

📷: Kelly Louise Photography

March 24, 2018

Mehry and Kyle held their black-tie city nuptials at the Providence Biltmore.

The Meet-Cute

Kelly Louise Photography

We met in 2005 as sophomores at Bishop Feehan High School. I transferred into Feehan for my sophomore year, so I only knew a handful of kids in my class. Kyle sat directly behind me in world history and was a total class clown (and charmer).  On one of the first days of school, he tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was going to enter the candy eating contest that was taking place at lunch. The rest is history!

The Proposal Story

After graduating from Feehan, we both went on to attend UMass Amherst. We were able to really grow into our own throughout those years both independently and as a couple. After graduating in 2012, we moved in together and spent the next 3 years getting our first jobs, starting small businesses and figuring out life together not only as boyfriend & girlfriend, but roommates. After 11 years of dating, in September 2016 we planned a trip to visit Quebec, Canada. On our drive up, Kyle took me to the longest covered bridge in the United States. I have a fascination with covered bridges so that was super cool for me to see. After throwing a penny into the river, Kyle got down on one knee and proposed to me with a dazzling sapphire engagement ring.

The Planning Process

We knew we wanted to take our time planning our wedding. After over a decade of dating, we wanted to enjoy being engaged. We decided on an 18 month engagement. Our favorite part of planning wasn’t so much in the planning itself, but growing closer to the people who were going to be a part of it all.  Overall, there was nothing that stands out that we didn’t enjoy throughout the process. We both wanted it to be as stress free as possible. We made sure to stay organized and be in constant communication with our vendors so that every detail was confirmed. Throughout the process, it became clear that our style and overall vibe was classic and sophisticated. We chose a black tie wedding because I love getting to play dress up. Plus, how many times in your life do you get to take photos with loved ones in tuxedos and gowns, right?

The Date

The decision for us to have a Spring wedding came down to the fact that I didn’t want to be sweating on my wedding day, no lie. I am a professional wedding makeup artist (yes, I did do my own makeup that day) and see how stressed my brides get about summer heat and humidity. Also, I was adamant about wearing a long-sleeved wedding dress which is tough to do in warmer months. Kate Middleton is my muse!

The Venue

Going along with that classic, elegant, and modern vibe, the second we stepped into the Grand Ballroom at the Biltmore we both knew this was the place we were going to get married. Its gilded gold ceilings and ornate details are truly breathtaking.  We also loved how the ballroom overlooked the entire city of Providence. It is truly a grand space that requires little décor to make it beautiful. The space speaks for itself.

Kelly Louise Photography

The Photographer

We came across Kelly on Instagram. I looked up the hashtag, #providencephotographer, and came across her work. We were drawn to how organic and simple her aesthetic is. Being a part of the wedding industry, I work with and see a lot of wedding photos (both good and bad). Kelly’s work instantly spoke to us and we knew we had to haver her as our photographer.

Kelly, hands down [was the vendor we were most impressed with]. She and her second shooter, Lauren were professional, organized and best of all fun to be around. I always tell my bridal clients on the day of your wedding you want to be surrounded by people who make you feel comfortable. Kelly and Lauren did just that.

The First Look

We wanted the first time we saw each other that day to be just between us. We had talked about that moment for many years and it was important for us to be the only ones sharing in it. Our first look was at the Biltmore on a terrace that overlooked the city. It was and incredibly powerful moment for the both of us.

Kelly Louise Photography

The Hashtag

I came up with it actually! Aside from being a wedding makeup artist, my background is in marketing copywriting, so I’m always down for a good pun.

Kelly Louise Photography

The Photo Op

It [hopping onto the Haven Bros. truck] was totally spur the moment. Kelly has us out doing our couple’s portraits and we were heading downtown to take some snaps when we walked passed Haven Bros. I believe I joked how funny it would be if I went up and ordered a hot dog in my wedding dress. Kelly encouraged me to walk up the steps for a snap and we ended up with some pretty awesome photos. Unfortunately, I forgot the hotdog.

Kelly Louise Photography

The First Dance

Our first dance song is one that most people probably don’t know, “Casting Lines” by Jacks Mannequin. The band is no longer together but the lead singer, Andrew McMahon is one of our favorite performers. That song has a lot of meaningful lyrics that resonate with us and our journey.

Kelly Louise Photography

The School Reunion

The banners were planned! Because we went to the same high school and college, we have a lot of mutual friends. Our high school picture featured over 50 alumni. We had been to previous weddings where the couple brought out their alma mater banners and we thought it was such a cool idea.

The Highlights

Mehry: Definitely our first look. It’s a moment I think both of us were excited for. The morning of the wedding is full of anticipation and can start to get a bit overwhelming when the clock starts to near closer to all the events. I started to really miss Kyle and the comfort he would normally provide me when I start to get anxious. When I walked out on the terrace with his back turned towards me, all the nerves and anxiety melted away and turned into excitement. When I tapped him on his shoulder and her turned around to see me, I immediately captured that moment in my mind. It was so raw and powerful. I think we hugged one another for literally 3 minutes. It’s something I will remember vividly for the rest of my life.

Kyle: My favorite moment from that day was the first look on the balcony of the Biltmore. It was a long morning apart, waiting in anticipation with my friends and family. As I heard Mehry walking up behind me, I had a vision of what she would look like, but she totally exceeded it. From the dress to the hair and makeup, she looked amazing. It was so great to be able to give her a kiss and get our big day started together. I also really enjoyed having plenty of time to get all the pictures we wanted in without having to do it all between the ceremony and the reception.

The Advice

You are going to have many people give you their opinions on all aspects of your wedding. From the location, to the décor, to the food everyone seems to want to give their two cents. Our best advice is to do what feels right for the two of you. This is your day and even though some people may disagree with your decisions, you’re allowed to be a little bit selfish. You don’t want to look back on your day and know it reflected everyone but the two of you. Stay true to you.

Kelly Louise Photography

The Details

Ceremony, Reception and Catering: Providence Biltmore // Hair and Makeup: Gloss Hair and Makeup Studio (Co-owned by the bride and her sister / Maid of Honor) // Bride’s dress: Justin Alexander, New York Lace, Taunton, MA // Bride’s Veil: David’s Bridal // Officiant: Alan Neale // Bridesmaids’ dresses: Lulus and BHLDN // Groom’s suit: Vera Wang Tuxedo // Groomsmen’s suits: Men’s Wearhouse // Florals: Amy’s Flower Studio, North Attleboro, MA // Reception Music: DJ Jon Strader

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