Neha & Ryan | July 22, 2017

Neha & Ryan | July 22, 2017

📷: Melissa Stimpson Photography

Where are you both from and how did you meet?

I am from Rhode Island and Ryan is from Connecticut.  We met on an online dating website and went on our first date in Boston where we were both living after college. 

How did you get engaged?

We were together three years before getting engaged.  We had just gotten our second dog, Jack.  I had come home on my lunch break to check on him and Ryan was on his knees when I opened the door.  I guess the ring was coming in that day and he got nervous I would see it early, so instead of waiting, he proposed to me that afternoon.  It was such a surprise! 

How did you come across Glen Manor for your venue? 

I had researched the venue online. It was actually the last one we viewed, but we knew we loved it as soon as walked over to the water facing side of the venue.  It had such a gorgeous outdoor space.  I also remember going up to the bridal suite and seeing a painting of the previous owner with a Pomeranian.  We have two Pomeranians that we absolutely adore, so that was another selling point.

How about Melissa for your photographer?

I saw her pictures online and loved the style of her photography.  I was super impressed with pictures she did at the Glen Manor for another Indian Wedding and reached out to her.  We didn’t actually meet until the day of the wedding, but the pictures are perfect.

What were you favorite and least favorite parts of planning?

Our favorite part was looking at venues. They were all so beautiful, but we knew Glen Manor House was perfect when we saw it.  Our least favorite was that we were planning our wedding from Seattle.  We had wanted our wedding to be close to home, but had been living in Seattle for a few years.  Without our friends and family, especially my sister and best friend Kayla, it would have been impossible.   

Did you already have a theme in mind?

As far as a theme, I really liked simple and elegant from everything to décor to the cake.  Once we saw Glen Manor, we knew we didn’t need a ton to make it look amazing.  We opted for more natural elements: wood table numbers, burlap, boxed floral arrangements, a naked style wedding cake and the flower wall.  The venue rooms opened up right outside, so we wanted everything from the inside to flow to the outside.

What made you decided to do a first look?

I think we just both wanted to have a moment together before it got too crazy.  I would recommend it.  There is just something about that moment when you first see each other on the biggest day of your life.

We LOVED the outfit changes throughout the day and how you blended the modern with the traditional Indian elements – how did all of that come about?

We didn’t want the big crazy Indian wedding, but wanted to incorporate elements of my culture into the wedding.  Ryan was really open to wearing Indian clothes, so we actually flew to India to find out wedding attire.  For our ceremony, I wore a white dress, which was actually made by an Indian Designer named Manish Malhotra.  Ryan wore a traditional Shirvani.  In the evening, I knew I wanted a gown.  It was a hand beaded navy floral dress made by a designer name Sionnah in Mumbai.  Ryan wore a suit from Nordstrom, which he looked fantastic in. We also decided to have Indian food at the wedding. It was catered from my favorite Indian restaurant in Rhode Island, Rasoi. 

Are those your dogs we spy?

Yes, they are our fur babies.  Dink is the chubby white/ beige one and Jack is the black one. We flew them out for the wedding because the play such a big part in our lives. They were our ring bearers, along with one of my cousins. They weren’t allowed to stay at the venue past the ceremony, so I actually had one of my cousins drive them to a rental property where the bridal party got ready.

What was your first dance song?

John Legend’s “PDA.”  That summer Ryan and I had met, I was obsessed with that song.  On our second date, Ryan made me dinner and then I made him dance with me to that song in his kitchen.  It’s been our song every since then.

Were there any vendors you were particularly impressed with?

All of them!  They were all so great.  I had a friend and her stylists do my makeup and I have never felt so beautiful in my life.  The flowers were amazing.  Our pictures couldn’t have turned out any better.  Everyone mentioned how amazing the food was.

Did you run into any issues on the day of the wedding?

I think the hardest part was just that it was so hot that day.  It was in the nineties that day and my dresses were super heavy.  We set up a lot of fans in the changing area to keep cool.

If you had to narrow it down, what would you say were each of your favorite moments from that day?

My friend had given me some great advice before the wedding.  She mentioned that with all the craziness, just find some time to get away together.  I remember grabbing Ryan and just going upstairs into the bridal suite for a minute.  From the window we could see all of our guests, and I was such a humbling moment, just looking out all of the people that showed up to watch us have our special day.

My other favorite part was having my brother officiate the wedding.  Our father passed away when we were in high school, so he has really become the man of the family.  It was amazing to have my now grown brother, be the one that married us off.  I think it was a really special moment for my family. 

Do you have any overall advice for recently engaged couples?

Just take everything a step at a time.  Try to stay organized with planning, but also just enjoy it.  That time in our lives was so exciting!

The Details

Photographer: Melissa Stimpson Photography // Ceremony & Reception: Glen Manor House // Officiant: Anup Patel (bride’s brother) // Hair & Makeup: Beauty and the Brush Artistry (owner Amita Galarza is a friend) // Bride’s White Dress: Manish Malhotra (Indian Wedding Designer) // Bride’s Navy Dress: Sionnah (Indian Wedding Designer) // Groom’s suit #1: G3 (Indian Boutique) // Groom’s suit #2: Nordstrom // Catering: Rasoi (via Russell Morin Catering and Events) // Cake: The Cake Gallery // Flowers: Songbird Floral Designs // Ceremony Arch and Flower Wall: Uniquely Chic Vintage // Table Numbers and Main Signage: OAKYdesigns

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