Netflix and Frills

Netflix and Frills

By Kaitlyn Murray

For those that need a reminder that love conquers all amidst all this corona craziness, Engaged has gone ahead and gathered some movie options to play as background noise while you’re addressing invites / writing thank you’s / working on some super complicated and time-intensive DIY project. These films are in no particular order but, it should be noted that a good amount of forethought went into these selections, with the requirements being:

  1. Must be wedding-related. This is a wedding blog, after all. Besides, if we didn’t narrow down the romantic comedy options, we’d be here all day. We may have cheated a bit, though, and included films that only have a ten second marriage montage in the final moments… *Shrugs* Close enough.
  2. Must follow a lovey-dovey storyline. You might need some gentle reminders that true love is actually worth all of the suffering your hands will endure while gluing those tiny twigs to your rustic centerpieces.
  3. Must have a happy ending. Because what engaged person wants to watch a movie where the couple doesn’t work out? Or ends up dead? (We’re looking at you Notebook. Sorry, should we have put a spoiler warning? It has been fifteen years).

So, without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of our top films to watch while wedding planning, broken down by genre.

Note: Many of these titles aren’t actually available on Netflix, but between that, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, On Demand and other streaming services, we’re confident that you’ll be able to track them down.

If you love yourself a good, quirky female protagonist:

Runaway BrideSweet Home Alabama

And because we all know it can take a while to find “the one.”

If you’re into the whole ‘fake relationship’ trope:

The Proposal / What Happens in Vegas

The tension!

If you’re a sucker for good-natured family dramas:

Father of the Bride / My Big Fat Greek Wedding

It’s nice knowing you’re not the only one with crazy relatives.

If you’re more than familiar with the former struggles of single life:

27 Dresses / The Wedding Date

Because at least it’s funny in retrospect.

If you know the ins-and-outs of the wedding business all too well:

The Wedding Planner / The Wedding Singer

You’d think we’d all be experts at love right off the bat… nope!

If you’re all about the foreign films:

Four Weddings and a Funeral / Monsoon Wedding

But seriously, both of these are absolute gems.

If you’re marrying your best friend:

Made of Honor / When Harry Met Sally

If by some ungodly reason you haven’t seen the latter, drop everything you’re doing and go watch it right now.

If you’re a lover of the classics (be they film or book):

The Philadelphia Story / Pride and Prejudice

Any iteration of P&P will do, but we’re partial to the 2005 remake.

If you believe in fairy tales:

The Princess Bride / Tangled

Come on, we needed to throw in at least one Disney film.

If you’re a sports fan:

Love & Basketball / Fever Pitch

Marriage is at least implied here, people!

If you’re looking for something new:

Something New

Yea, we had to do it.


If you like a healthy dose of comedy with your romance:

Wedding Crashers / Bridesmaids

These are the perfect amount of ridiculous.

If you find yourself falling for Rachel McAdams (and time travel) every time:

About Time / The Time Traveler’s Wife

We mean, who doesn’t?

If you’re super secure in your relationship with your in-laws:

Meet the Parents / Monster-in-Law / Crazy Rich Asians

Please, tell us your secret.

And if you just like pure angst and pain and heartbreak:

My Best Friend’s Wedding / A Walk to Remember*

Okay we know we broke our own rules here. Sorry, not sorry.

Think we missed any? Tell us about them in the comments!

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