12 Ways You Can Still Celebrate Your OG Wedding Date

12 Ways You Can Still Celebrate Your OG Wedding Date

Despite the fact that wedding guest limits are going up in the coming months, there are many couples out there who have already postponed their weddings or who are still planning to postpone. We know many of you in such predicaments already have guestbooks or other mementos inscribed with your wedding date, and we’re not about to let you let them go to waste. Here’s a few ways how you can still turn your original date into a memorable anniversary worth celebrating alongside your new date for years to come.

1. First, Dress to the Nines

You don’t have to break out the gown and tux (then again, why not?), but at the very least you and your partner should use the day as an excuse to ditch the quarantine sweats and get dolled up. Style your hair, perfect your cat eye, find some clean pants and a nice shirt, maybe even don some heels… Whatever makes you feel your best!

2. Schedule a (Distanced) Photoshoot

Reach out to your photographer (or if they aren’t available, find an alternative on Instagram or in our magazine 😉) and see if they’d be game to come over for an hour and help you commemorate the occasion.

3. Visit a Favorite (Outdoor) Date Spot

Or, head to the place where you and your significant other first met, had your first kiss or which held some other type of importance in your relationship. Walk around and allow yourselves to bask in the nostalgia (and perhaps get a few more snaps in if you followed through with suggestion number 2).

4. Dress Up Your Space

Regardless of if you decide to stay home all day or want something exciting to come home to after your venture, utilize some of those reception decor items we know are taking over at least one room in your home. Maybe light a couple of the centerpiece candles, hang up those paper lanterns in the backyard or set up some of the signage in your dining room. Or, if there isn’t much you can use just yet, grab some throwaway plates, silverware and party decorations in your wedding theme colors from the dollar store (okay, they might not have mauve but you know they’ll have some type of pink!).

5. Exchange Vows

Do you have declarations in your head that you would be too afraid to say in front of a crowd of people? Or are there any Write a few a down and share them with your partner, just the two of you, so you’re both reminded just why you’re excited to get married in the first place.

6. Involve Your Loved Ones

Organize a drive by parade, host a Zoom chat with your bridal party or have some of your immediate family over for a ‘cocktail hour.’ They saved the date, too, and they should be more than happy to celebrate your love with you.

7. Spread the Love

This is more of a pre-OG-date activity, but as a precursor to the above suggestion, if you already have your favors sitting in your basement, send them out early! Especially if they are perishable and won’t make it to your new date intact. Let your guests indulge in the custom chocolates while they chat with you on Zoom or let them plant the mini succulents you gathered and send you an update pic on your original date.

8. Pop Some Bubbly

What’s a celebration without some champagne? (And as another addition to the point above, you could send out mini bottles to your guests and designate a time for everyone to pop the corks together).

9. Eat Out or Grab Takeout

Contact your caterer and see if they’d be willing to turn your reception meal into a dinner for two. Or, if that’s not an option, see if your rehearsal dinner venue is open for indoor/outdoor dining or curbside pickup.

10. Have Your Cake

Similarly, inquire if your baker would be able to make you a mini version of your wedding cake to enjoy, or if you were planning to have a dessert table of doughnuts, cupcakes, etc. order a small batch for yourselves to indulge in for the week (or night, we’re not judging).

11. Dance it Out

Create a mixed playlist of throwbacks, pump up jams, lyrical masterpieces and sentimental slow songs. This is the perfect opportunity to not only try out some of your most ridiculous moves but also sway in each other’s arms without the added awkwardness of having all eyes on you in a crowded room.

12. Reminisce

In this social media-run world, chances are your relationship has been documented from the very beginning. Wind down the night by stalking your respective accounts and looking back at your first photo as an official couple, selfies from your first trip together, group shots of you with the friends and fam and proposal/engagement photos and then look forward to the photos and memories that are sure to come.

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