Simony & Mayvin | September 9, 2018

Simony & Mayvin | September 9, 2018

📷: Kim Lyn Photography

“Every single detail had meaning,” says Simony of hers and Mayvin’s intimate 2018 nuptials on the Cape. “We planned, designed and created everything for our wedding, and we tried our hardest to make it as personal as possible.”

After Mayvin pulled off a truly out of this world proposal during the solar eclipse back in August 2017 (read more about it here), the two got straight to work. They began with making a pact to 100 percent agree on everything. 

“If one of us had doubts about something, it was out. Simple as that,” Simony explains. “It wasn’t just my wedding, it was our wedding.” 

From there, the couple’s one-year engagement was occupied by a number of DIY projects, many of which reflected the talents of each bride. Prime examples: Simony’s ability to source and arrange floral decor as well as any professional florist, and Mayvin’s penchant for building and crafting (see: the ceremony arch, cake decal, signage and more). Anything the couple didn’t make with their own hands, they purchased from their favorite stores, T.J.Maxx and Michaels.

“I think it was really important to both of us that we be authentic. At the end of the day, there isn’t anything you’re going to put in your wedding that someone else hasn’t already done before,” Simony points out. “So, we stayed true to us and made sure that everything had a purpose, regardless of if it was trendy. The most important thing was that we had a personal connection to each detail that will still mean something to us when we look back twenty years from now.” 

It was a state of mind that perfectly complemented their setting, as well.

“The first vacation we ever took as a couple was to Provincetown. Now we go there twice a year — it’s very special to us,” says Mayvin. “We decided on Kalmar Village and Truro Vineyards because they could accommodate all of our needs, and North Truro is right next to P-town.”

When the big weekend finally came around, Simony and Mayvin arrived the Thursday before the wedding to start setting up. Their guests then started trickling in on Friday, just in time for the couple’s Lemonade-themed welcome cookout. 

“It was great because we were able to greet our friends and family as they got there and introduce them to everyone else,” Mayvin says. 

That night, the couple and their guests settled into their individual cottages at Kalmar Village (with some staying up late to hang by the bonfires). The next day was then left open for everyone to explore the Cape, party some more and welcome additional incoming guests. By Saturday’s end, Simony and Mayvin’s eighty or so loved ones had been dubbed “the hive” — a fitting squad name considering the fact that the two are beekeepers. 

Then, though the forecast called for torrential downpours on Sunday, September 9, only a few showers passed through that morning, clearing up just in time for a mild (if a bit chilly) wedding day. Getting ready separately, Simony put on a fabulous, pink Basix Black Label gown while Mayvin slipped into a vintage-inspired Jenny Packham number. They came back together in an open field on Kalmar Village’s grounds that afternooon for the ceremony, where they each walked down the aisle to Rihanna’s “American Oxygen,” surrounded by a sea of white. 

“Mayvin and I met at a Labor Day Party where everyone was wearing white,” Simony explains. “So, the dress code for our guests was a tribute to that.” 

The ceremony itself was just as conscientious. Positioned in front of a beautiful hexagon arch that Mayvin constructed herself (“It’s supossed to be reminiscent of honeycomb,” Mayvin says. “Hexagons are the strongest shape in nature, so it also represented a strong foundation of love.”), the brides first heard a few words from their officiants: Patrick, Simony’s Godson, and Ronnie, the couple’s good friend. 

“They wrote their parts of the ceremony separately, but somehow they ended up mirroring each other perfectly,” Mayvin recalls. 

The couple then recited community vows with their guests (“Everyone later joked that they were married to us, too!” Simony laughs) before sharing personal vows with one other. At one point, an unassuming bumblebee even circled the brides, a moment which brought some in the audience to tears. Another emotional moment: when LGBTQ+ Pride-colored smoke bombs closed out the ceremony. 

Afterwards, the hive collectively witnessed the couple sign their marriage license and participated in a celebratory champagne toast. The newlyweds were next whisked away to P-town for photos while everyone else used the time to change, nap or party. With P-town being a beloved destination for the couple, Simony and Mayvin had quite a few photo-op locations to check off their list, including their favorite cafe, pizza joint and ice cream shop. 

“It was so nice being able to take a breath right after we got married and spend time together, just us two,” Mayvin reflects. “Yes, the photographer and videographer were there, but they gave us so much space to just be. They were amazing.” 

“And we got to really look at each other, too,” Simony adds. “I’m a hairdresser, so it was fun for me to take it all in and say, ‘Oh, you did such a great job with your hair!’ Just getting the time to look at her and talk to her and hug her… Which  I think helped our photos come out way more genuine, too.”

It was just the aesthetic the couple had been hoping to express.

“We got to be more artistic, more fun and more personal,” Mayvin explains. “We even incorporated Star Wars masks at one point, because I’m a nerd.” 

Which brings Simony to reflect on her advice for engaged couples. 

“Think about why you’re taking the photos that you’re taking and why you’re including the details that you’re including. Think about what it is that you want to convey to the world about who you are. Don’t try to be unique for unique’s sake. Stay true to your aesthetic and then the money that you invest won’t feel as expensive. Like was our wedding cheap? No, but I don’t feel like we wasted any money because we were spending it on things that we loved.” 

Back at the reception at Truro Vineyards, the personal touches certainly shined through. Guests were greeted by escort cards in the form of photos accompanied by a sign that read, “Find your face to find your place,” and were in turn led to tables named after famous figures the couple have long admired (i.e. the “Supreme” table featured Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Angela Davis, Michelle Obama and Maxine Waters), complete with illustrated centerpieces. They enjoyed the couple’s favorite dishes, such as sweet plantains and seafood, as well as a cake decorated by Mayvin with an edible map that highlighted hers and Simony’s islands of origin, the Dominican Republic and Cape Verde, respectively. They played DIY yard and board games and they signed a guestbook where each page contained photos of guests now and as children. And they also took full advantage of the grab-and-go dessert table along with the custom-made to-go cups at the hot beverage bar, so no one had to miss a second on the dancefloor.

“It was just straight jammers the whole time – every time you thought you could sit down for a second, another one would come on,” Simony says. “We picked most of them out and asked for people to make requests with their RSVPs, but our friend, DJ Zehno, was also just phenomenal.” 

Looking back at the three full days of wedding festivities, the couple found it difficult to pinpoint a favorite memory. 

“A lot of things go through my head. I think about the smoke bombs; the bumblebee; walking through P-town as newlyweds; Patrick performing for us at the reception; my best friend doing an impromptu dance to Tina Turner’s ‘Rolling Down the River;’ dancing with everyone and all these other sweet moments,” Simony reflects. “Everyone was so happy and it was just so much fun.”

As for Mayvin: “I also liked that we made it a wedding weekend and truly got to spend time with every single person,” she says. “And that our community came together; they all became friends and when everyone was leaving, they were sad to not only say goodbye to us, but also to each other.” 

All the more reason to get the hive back together again for reunions on the Cape, right? Or, perhaps, even a future vow renewal?

“Oh, I’d marry you again,” Simony says to her wife. “In a heartbeat.”

The Details

Photography: Kim Lyn Photography | Ceremony: Kalmar Village in North Truro, MA | Reception: Truro Vineyards in North Truro, MA | Additional Photos Location: Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA | Officiants: Ronnie Young (Friend of the Couple) and Patrick Soben (Godson of the Couple) | Hair and Makeup: Brides did their own | Simony’s Ceremony Dress: Basix Black Label, Saks Fifth Avenue | Simony’s Reception Dress: David’s Bridal | Simony’s Shoes: Sam Edelman; Rainbow soles painted by Simony | Simony’s Veil and Birdcage Headpiece: Vera Wang | Mayvin’s Ceremony Dress: Jenny Packham, VOWS Bridal | Mayvin’s Reception Suit and Shoes: ASOS | Bridal Party Suits: Nordstrom and Express | Catering: Cosmos Catering via Truro Vineyards | Cake and Desserts: Whole Foods | Invitations: Minted | Flowers: Sourced from Whole Foods; Arranged by Simony | Reception Music: DJ Zehno | Signage: DIY by the brides | Various Decor Items: DIY by the brides; Purchased from T.J.Maxx and Michaels | Videography: StopGoLove

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