Tyler Macedo and Brandon Deschenes are Engaged!

Tyler Macedo and Brandon Deschenes are Engaged!

📸: Suzy Pekar // @suzanne_pekar18

Tyler Macedo of Pawtucket, Rhode Island and Brandon Deschenes of Glocester, Rhode Island are engaged! These kings are set to wed on March 17, 2023 at the Avenir in Walpole, Mass.

How We Met

Tyler: This story all started on Jan. 16, 2019… well, kind of.

For about a couple weeks prior, I was checking out apartments. I saw some pretty nice apartments that were VERY expensive, and some pretty cheap apartments that were VERY gross. I struggled greatly to find something in the middle. I was getting discouraged, so I asked a friend if he wanted to be my roommate so that I would have more options. Good thing too, because immediately, we found a really nice apartment online! It was a two bedroom for a “pushing-it” rate, with everything updated. The problem is that the room I would have taken looked incredibly small. Normally, I would have passed, but I noticed that the landlord had a profile picture. I took a gander, and what do you know: “this guy is handsoooooome.” So despite the apartment not being what we needed it to be, my friend and I still went to see it. I mean we had to at least SEE the apartment. There was no chance we went just because I wanted to meet the landlord…

When we got there, the landlord showed us around, and gave us information about the apartment. Throughout this point, I was noticing his adorable accent (which I mistook for a southern accent), and his amazing jacket. He told us the apartment was ours if we wanted it. I said I would get back to him, and we went home.

I got back to him, all right. I texted him for a couple hours after getting home, asking any and every question I possibly could about the apartment. The gag is that by that point, I had no intention whatsoever of renting that apartment — I just wanted to make conversation with him. My final question veered off the topic of the apartment, however; I asked if he wanted to get a drink with me. He agreed. We went out the next day, and the rest is history.

That landlord was Brandon.

Jan. 16, 2019 was the day I officially met the man of my dreams, Brandon Deschenes.

And yes, I got the apartment.

The Proposal

Tyler and Brandon were on an innocent trip to Disney World when Brandon popped the question. Pretending to pose a photo in front of the fountain in the Wilderness Lodge for a night portrait, it was really a video capturing Brandon’s next move: getting down on one knee with a ring in his hand. Tyler was completely shocked, and obviously say “yes.”

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