Wedding Floral Options, With A Twist

Wedding Floral Options, With A Twist

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By Ashlyn Messier

You got engaged, and the wedding planning process begins! You’re picking a color scheme, trying to find that perfect dress, figuring out who to invite….and then you get to it: the flowers. You probably have a million questions running through your mind. What is my budget? What florist should I go to? What colors should they be? All these questions can feel daunting, but fear not, because there are a ton of super trendy, extremely fun, not to mention totally unique, flower options that you can look into that are sure to impress. 

Did you know that there are Etsy shops that make flowers out of book pages? Yes, you heard that right. Flowers out of book pages, and they look incredible. If you want your flowers to be unique, this is definitely the way to go. One Etsy shop is called BranchingOff Studio which makes bouquets made out of book pages and sheet music, as well as origami boutonnieres. Some other Etsy shops include PAPERFLORISTS who create bouquets out of cream paper and FlowersByNini who also make flowers out of book pages. 

Bookish bouquets aren’t the only crafty bouquet around. You can also get a bouquet made out of dried flowers. Thehoneyandthemoon on Etsy are your one stop shop for these dried flower bouquets. There are tons of different colors you can choose from, like beautiful blues and peachy pinks.

Silk flowers are another popular option right now. A couple of places you can browse through are BloomsandBureaus on Etsy and @wrdesignsanddecor on Instagram. If you want to maintain the natural flower look, silk flowers are a great option because they look very similar to real flowers. Plus, if you get silk flowers, you can keep them after your wedding and don’t have to worry about them shriveling up. You can keep them as a keepsake from your special day, or use them to decorate your house. On top of that, silk flowers are a lot more customizable than regular flowers. You can make any flower any color that you want, so they will be easier to match with your other decor and your bridesmaid dresses. Besides, a blue sunflower would look pretty cool. 

If you are feeling crafty, and are up for the challenge, another option is good ol’ DIY. If you create the bouquet yourself, you have the freedom to pretty much put whatever flowers you want into your bouquet, and you can add whatever personal touches you desire. Add some pretty ribbon, maybe get some jewels in there to really make your flowers sparkle. On Pinterest, there are endless tutorials on how to create your own flower bouquet, and it is super easy to do.

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If you don’t want to go the traditional flowers route for your special day, there are tons of different options for you. Whether it’s flowers made from book pages, silk, or even wood, there are tons of ways to get creative, and try something a little different. 

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