13 Local Wedding Photographers to Follow on Instagram

13 Local Wedding Photographers to Follow on Instagram

And if you aren’t already… shame on you (kidding! sort of).

By Kaitlyn Murray

Real talk: Instagram sometimes has the tendency to make photos look better than they actually are. Heck, even I can make random shots of my cat look artsy and inspired with the right angle or filter. Here, however, you will find the real deal. These are the top local wedding photographers that you should be stalking – ahem, following – on Instagram right now, even if you’re not getting married anytime soon. Who wouldn’t want to add a bit of gorgeous to their daily feed? #Nofilter necessary.

After hours of scrolling (I know, poor me), I was able to whittle the contenders down to 13. What put these artists’ profiles above the rest? Well, as the kids would say, their Instagram game is strong. I could go on and on about how some are masters of capturing candids while others’ use of lighting give me heart palpitations, but honestly, in this case, the age-old adage is true: A picture is worth a thousand words. I had each photographer choose their current favorite post(s) from their own account and decided to let the images do all the talking for me.

Enjoy the pretty.

sara desirey heading


@saradesireyphoto aka Sara Desirey Photography

From Sara: “I think this image of Lyndsay and Lincoln is the one I might be most proud of from last year. Portraits can be hard to make look natural when you have been taking pictures all day, but this moment looked so relaxed and genuine. I knew I had to share it immediately!”

dana siles heading


@danasiles aka Dana Siles Photographer

blueflash heading

@blueflashphoto aka Blueflash Photography 

joseph laurin heading


@joseph_laurin_photography aka Joseph Laurin Photography

From Joseph’s post:About 200 people made the trip to watch these two get married during [Saturday’s, 1/28/16] winter storm. If you’ve ever met them you’d understand why.”

lauren halvorsen heading


@laurennobis aka Lauren Halvorsen Photography 

smith brad heading


@smithbrad aka Brad Smith Photography

lefebvre heading


@lefebvrephoto aka Lefebvre Photo

erin mcginn heading


@erinmcginn aka Erin McGinn Wedding and Editorial Photography 

olivia gird heading


@oliviagird aka Olivia Gird Photography

From Olivia: “They are my ideal couple; laid back, earthy and so much fun! They are also a staple in the east bay community. Eli owns the restaurant, Eli’s Kitchen in Warren and just down the road Pam owns the salon, Ananda Hair Lounge. Two of the sweetest people I know! You can see all of their love in this image.”

molly lo heading


@mollylophotography aka Molly Lo Photography

mel colvin heading


@melcolvinphotography aka Mel Colvin Photography

rebecca arthurs heading

Metamorphosis Camden Maine by Rebecca Arthurs

@rebeccaarthurs aka Rebecca Arthurs Photography

From Rebecca’s post: “Thankful and blessed to have worked with this amazing team for this shoot. Creative Director and Styling @angeewayashe

gabby marks header new


@gabbymarks aka Gabrielle Marks Photography 


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