Summer Wedding Floral Wish Lists with Michelle Jeanne

Summer Wedding Floral Wish Lists with Michelle Jeanne

By Viki Panteleakis

Michelle of Michelle Jeanne Floral Design is armed and ready for the busiest time of the year. I asked her if she was nervous for summer wedding season, to which she quickly replied, “No. It’s second nature now.”

Wedding seasons are subject to change each year, but Michelle says 2016 got an early start in March. As if you needed another reason to plan every detail ahead. Many tend to leave flowers on the back-burner until a few months before the wedding, which is a huge mistake. “I’m already meeting with brides for next year and making proposals for them,” she says. Be like those brides.

With Michelle Jeanne, you’ll be happy to know your flowers weren’t shipped across the globe. The quality of locally sourced flowers, she says, is unmatched. She’s seen an influx in requests for roses, peonies, and sweet peas. So what are these beauties being created into? Michelle gives us a look into dream wedding requests by brides this year.

Organic textures and greenery

Photo courtesy of Irena Mandel Photography

Gone are the days where every bride wants a tight bouquet of one type of flower. Brides today love this earthier and more rustic approach.

Flower crowns

flower crown
Photo courtesy of Made In Stills Photography

The trend is still alive and well. Botanical touches like this one make a wedding day that much dreamier.

Farm Tables

farm table
Photo courtesy of Michelle Jeanne Floral Design

Adorning a long farm table with these floral and lighting fixtures will make your guests feel at home.


You can reach Michelle at or 401-822-3535

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