Amy & Quion | Aug. 26, 2022

Amy & Quion | Aug. 26, 2022

📸: Kim Lyn Photography // @kimlynphotography

This “love at first sight” couple bonded over the love of the sport and took it all the way down the aisle. The couple wed on Aug. 26, 2022, at Union Bluff Hotel in York Beach, Maine.

How We Met

Q and I were neighbors growing up. I was in seventh grade and Q was a sophomore in high school, both basketball stars, and we bonded over our love for the game. I fell head-over-heels the moment I met him, I can say it was truly love at first sight! — Amy

Our age difference threw a slight hiccup in our relationship as I graduated much sooner and went off to college. As adults, our timing finally came together when I invited Amy to my aunt’s house in the Hamptons. We picked up right where we had left things on so many other occasions throughout the years. — Quion

The Proposal

I am obsessed with yellow diamonds and think they are so unique and just gorgeous. He never once hinted he was doing this and never once asked what ring I would want; he did this completely on his own time and terms and I absolutely loved that! — Amy

I knew she loved Tiffany & Co. and knew how happy she would be to get a ring from there. I wanted to propose to her in our favorite place, York Beach. My original plan was shot down because of high tide, so I said we should go by Nubble Lighthouse to see if we can find some cool rocks for our garden back home. We walked out on the rocks, far enough that it felt like we were in the middle of the bay. I pulled out the box, opened it, got down on one knee and said, “Hey babe, what about this rock?” She turned around and had the biggest smile on her face. She said yes and cried tears of happiness. — Quion

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