Alternative Bouquets

Alternative Bouquets

By Lauren Hom

If you’re all for originality, creating an unique bouquet is a great way to add personality to your wedding day without coming off as too eccentric. Mix and match inexpensive materials to create your own fun look! Here are some suggestions:

Bride Kateena created her own bouquet for her beach wedding using shells and feathers. Photo by Azure Photography.
To create her own unique beach wedding bouquet, bride Kateena applied layers of shells and feathers to a foam ball. Photo by Azure Photography.

Feathers. Add a touch of whimsy by utilizing feathers in your bouquet. Choose any set of longish feathers and bunch them together like a traditional bouquet. Tie a ribbon around the base of your feathers and boom! You have a simple yet romantic accessory. When you walk down the aisle, the feathers will move about, adding a little grace to your step.

Buttons. Why are we so fixated buttons? The right buttons can make a simple cardigan pop, and they can do the same thing for a bouquet. Have you ever noticed how many buttons are out there? There are tons, and some of them are quite beautiful. Keep in mind the style and color scheme of your wedding; it will come in handy when choosing your button ensemble. For this project, you’ll need a foam floral ball and wire to attach your buttons. Once the bouquet is finished, we promise, it’ll look nothing but fabulous and completely original.

Shells. For you beach lovers, a beautiful collection of shells is a perfect alternative to the traditional flower bouquet — a perfect accessory for a Rhode Island beach wedding. You can pull this off a few different ways, using a hot glue gun with either a floral foam ball or with straight wooden sticks (and plenty of shells, of course!).

Origami Flowers. This is an eco-friendly take on the traditional bouquet. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s a creative project that’ll bring out your inner child. With endless paper colors to choose from, your bouquet will be indeed be one of a kind.

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  1. These are such great ideas for bouquets that could last a lifetime! I think the origami one is my favorite. 🙂

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