Aisle Say: Ladies Who Lunch

Aisle Say: Ladies Who Lunch

By Amanda Parker

So, you’ve got a wedding to plan. But before you get to the big day you’ve got other events that need planning, such as the shower, the bachelorette party (no planning here — my bridesmaids aren’t telling me anything about this), the rehearsal dinner, etc. First let’s focus on the bridal shower. It’s a fun and exciting day, but you also want that to be special as well, so a lot of planning goes into it.20 invitation blurred

For years and years, even before Adam was in the picture, I knew exactly what kind of bridal shower I wanted: Kentucky Derby! First of all, going to the Derby is on my bucket list. I will make it there someday (hint, hint Adam!!). Secondly, I absolutely love hats and wish everyone wore them more often. It’s always fun to get dressed up on a Saturday, put on your best dress and a big fancy hat and have a girls’ day. I think it’s a shame that we don’t wear hats all the time…but for one Saturday we all did!

My mom, my cousin Brenda, my cousin Sharon and Adam’s mom took my theme and ran with it. From the invitations, to the menu, to the favors (thank you, Pinterest) everything was Derby! We decided to have the shower at Café Nuovo in Providence. Since we’re trying to stick with a downtown Providence theme, Café Nuovo was the perfect place! We decided that if it was a nice day cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on their patio, which overlooks the Providence River, would be perfect and then everyone would move inside for lunch.

On Wednesday we had some of the bridesmaids and moms over the house to decorate the favors — ninety mint plants — for mint juleps, of course! Replanting, glittery ribbon, hot glue guns, bow tying — we had a mini mint factory going on the back porch for a while. It’s fun to include others in this. We all had more laughs planting, tying, etc., and the time went by really fast. (Thank you to everyone for helping!) We have a very creative friend who helped make up the cards to go in the mint plants and created menus which resembled (a little) racing forms. Next week, I’ll focus on the actual day of the shower, which was held this past Saturday. But, to all you brides-to-be, I suggest doing a themed bridal shower. Everyone really got into it and had so much fun with the hats.


  1. Debbie Ellwood says:

    How do I find where I can buy this invitation

    1. Jennifer Steffy Swanson says:

      Amanda says she purchased these invitations from Crosstown Press in Cranston.

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