Erika: Honeymoon Planning!

Erika: Honeymoon Planning!

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Someplace tropical and full of sunshine is in our future after all.

By Erika Lynde

Thanks to my incredible world-traveling grandmother, my soon-to-be hubby and I will have a romantic post-wedding getaway after all. This week my Nana Grace “graced” us with our first wedding gift. Along with an amazing Kitchen Aid mixer, she offered us a nice chunk of money and asked how we’d like her to spend it.

The choices were endless, but we knew exactly how we wanted to incorporate her into our wedding. Grace is a dedicated tourist and knows how to get the best deals for any destination you desire. She’s been all over Europe, the Caribbean and, of course, the glorious U.S. I’m lucky to have such an experienced person to help plan our travels. To start, Liam and I have our hearts set on somewhere warm, tropical and full of sunshine. Maybe we’ll dig our toes in the sand down in the Bahamas, hike the volcano in Costa Rica or get a great tan in Punta Cana…we’ll just have to see what kind of great deals she can find.

The wait is excruciating, but it will be a great surprise to find out where we are going. After having our two lovely bundles of joy, vacations weren’t something we saw in our near future. Thank you, Nana, for saving the day!

I’ve been all over Pinterest hunting the best honeymoon spots and Groupon for any “all-inclusive” deals I can find within a reasonable price. As an adventurous couple, excursions are a must! Maybe zip-lining or surfing could be in our future? Who knows! Here’s a few links I found a little helpful on where to go, what to pack and (of course) how to keep it budget friendly.

It’s all happening! Thank you, Nana!

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