Erika: My Sharp Dressed Man

Erika: My Sharp Dressed Man

For us, buying a suit made more sense than renting a tux.

By Erika Lynde

Now that our minds are back in wedding mode, there was a really important thing we needed to cross off our list. On her big day, a woman’s attire sets the mood, but what about the groom? Isn’t it his big day, too? Liam deserves to feel just as confident and handsome as I will. So I convinced him to go shopping.32 groom

This past weekend we took a family trip to Men’s Wearhouse for some ideas. We knew we wanted something a bit modern, a little unique but still classic and a fit to make all the ladies go wild. I pictured my man rocking a sexy suit. The groomsmen in our wedding party, Michael and Shaun, will both look dapper in their military dress (we felt it would be most appropriate for them to wear such honorable uniforms), and since my girls are wearing something from our color pallet, there won’t be any clashing, which makes me happy.

Having never planned a wedding, our assumption was that we’d rent a tux…wrong. Talking it over with one of their representatives, the total cost of renting wasn’t that far off from purchasing. So why not buy? What man is going to say no to a new suit?

So as Liam was taken away to discuss styles with his new fashion consultant, I got to have a little fun. I was with the girls designing and pairing different shirts with different ties all based on our wedding color pallet. This seems like a fun job! We sent him into the dressing room with a classic two-button suit and then we waited.

I’m a sucker for a guy who’s all dressed up, so when Liam stepped out of the changing room, I swear I threw my credit card in the air. “Check out please!” The solid black suit and matching shirt came together with the black and gold tie (that I picked out). He looked so modern and chic without being over the top. I can’t wait to see the suit paired with our anemone boutonnieres.

With Liam’s suit off the rack, the Rockports on sale and of course the tiny tux we got for Lucas, we’re steadily checking things off one at a time. Less than 100 days now till the big day, and I’m starting to count down!

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