Erika: Sweet Surprise

Erika: Sweet Surprise

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The wedding fairies rescue me again (and they bring cake).

By Erika Lynde

With my birthday having just passed, cake has been on the brain.

Delicious. Scrumptious. Delectable. Cake.

I love cake and believe in having a huge amazing cake at your wedding. Toward the beginning of the wedding planning process, my sister was number one on my list as official cake baker. Since we were looking to cut costs, and she is an incredible cake decorator, we knew she’d do a great job at a very great price: free. Then things got tricky. Krissy decided to leave her job at the bakery for better things and with the loss of her job, all the baking necessities we needed were also lost. We brainstormed ideas and figured that purchasing our own baking supplies would still be cheaper and we’d just have to do all the work ourselves. The initial plan was to get together a week before the wedding, bake up the giant cake and stash it in a freezer till the big day. This was all fine and dandy till we thought some more about it. How were we going to transport it? The morning of the wedding we are going to be crazy busy with last minute details and getting ready. We won’t have time to drive the cake all the way to the venue! Plan B was starting to spiral out of control.

It was as if the wedding fairies heard my cry for help. Last week I got a text from a dear friend of mine, Stacy. She was inquiring about our cake and the whole DIY process. She knew I was planning on baking the cake the week before with my sister and decided to throw in a twist. Having planned her own wedding a few years ago, she is very familiar with how stressful the last few weeks leading up to the big day can be. She offered to lift a weight off our shoulders — a gift — a precious, yet edible, wedding gift of CAKE. Stacy and her husband had been torn about what to get us and decided they’d like to take care of the whole cake ordeal. Not only does it relieve the happy couple (us) of some stress, it also is a fun wedding gift they will enjoy crafting together and everyone will remember. We were ecstatic, and immediately said yes.

Stacy and I got to talking and agreed on a surprise wedding cake. I will send her some pictures of my dream cakes and our preferences for flavors and frosting, and she’ll be out there doing all the planning. What a relief! Liam and I love flavors such chocolate and Nutella with possibly a butter cream or whipped cream topping? There could be cake pops or cup cakes to cut costs…or just maybe an all-out giant cake masterpiece? Who knows! Either way I’m excited. How did I get so lucky to have such great friends?

Man, am I hungry for cake….

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