Molly: Our Personal Playlist

Molly: Our Personal Playlist

6 dancingWorking out songs that fits us as a couple.

By Molly O’Brien

I’ve blogged a bunch about feeling overwhelmed with this whole wedding thing. Believe it or not I AM excited to get married. I think about those little wedding moments, the ones all girls think about. Walking down the aisle. Saying I do. Trying not to sob like a maniac. Dancing with my dad. Seeing all of my friends and having it be my turn with the man of my dreams.

Mainly I think about those little moments in the dark, all alone, while driving to work at an ungodly hour.

I love to dance — LOVE it — and Glen loves to dance, so it’s absolutely perfect that we happened to have found each other. One fun activity we enjoy together is dancing in the kitchen. You really should try it sometime. Put on some music and go to town. Dancing in the living room is ok, but not quite as good. While there are all kinds of dancing (I personally like a good boogie) there’s nothing quite like being held tight by the one you love.

One of those little moments I so often think about is our first dance. It’s like a movie I have recorded in my brain already (I hope he doesn’t mess it up).

Over the past ten years or so I realized I had three songs picked I wanted as wedding songs, not necessarily my first dance song, but quite possibly. To know me is to know that I love The Beatles and Dave Matthews Band. I do enjoy some Bob Marley music as well, which Glen is also fond of. I had picked out “Got To Get You Into My Life” by the Beatles, “Crush” by DMB and “Mellow Mood” by Bob Marley. I thought, ‘alright, now I just have to make these mean something to us, so they can be part of our special day.’

Over the course of two years we’ve created some amazing memories, and with those, we’ve found more than enough fun, funky fantastic music tying them together. I didn’t need to create anything. Picking our first dance song was a no-brainer. The very first time Glen told me he loved me was not long after we met. He saved it for Christmas Day and he told me with song lyrics. Every time I hear it I break down in tears.

That song will be playing as we dance for the first time as husband and wife.

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