Aisle Say: Making Time for Each Other

Aisle Say: Making Time for Each Other

7 Time for each other

Maybe it’s corny, but making the effort to put aside those scarce minutes to build these prints together was just what the doctor ordered.

By Erika Linde

In the midst of all this wedding planning, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s really important: Your relationship. The bride does most of the planning with her hens, and the only real engagement the groom has is through his wallet. True? Liam — the manly man that he is — doesn’t really have an interest in all the little details that are keeping me so busy. We brides love those DIY projects, shopping for centerpieces, favors and dresses — not the groom’s idea of fun now, is it?

I kind of predicted this would be the case for most of the planning, so I decided to make sure we had a few tasks to do with each other. Just us. I tossed into my magic wedding hat a few things that we can most certainly do together, one-on-one.

First is the stationery — you know, all those save-the-dates, invites and thank you cards. We started with the save-the-dates. My beau is pretty good with Photoshop, so we created a few designs we both liked. It was sweet to set time aside on the calendar for us to work together to create something so important. Uploading our design onto the Vistaprint website was a piece of cake. We ordered only ten just in case of mishap, and I’m glad we did. We ended up wanting to make a few tweaks to our original design because it didn’t look so hot once we saw it on paper. This meant Liam and I had even more time together. Lucky us!7 Time for each other 2

We already live like a married couple. With two adorable kids constantly running, there isn’t a lot of that thing called ‘spare time.’ Maybe it’s corny, but making the effort to put aside those scarce minutes to build these prints together was just what the doctor ordered — time alone with my man!

Now, for all you other brides-to-be out there that maybe can’t relate and have your hunk by your side all the time, here’s my advice: cherish it. One day it might not be just the two of you, and one-on-one time will seem like a distant memory. As for me, I stay home with my two little munchkins so most of my wedding planning gets done while Liam’s off at work and the kids are napping (best time of the day!). Either way, I’m glad we spent our Friday night in one chair (I sat on his lap) building save-the-dates and sharing lots of laughs. Three cheers for us!

As for all of you looking for the other items I have stashed in my magic wedding hat, guess you’ll have to stay tuned and see. There may be choreographed dance in the future….

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