Elisha and Kenny

Elisha and Kenny

Bride’s name: Elisha Costa
Bride’s hometown: Warwick, R.I.
Groom’s name: Kenny Barroso
Groom’s hometown: Scituate, R.I.
Wedding date: January 23, 2016
Wedding Venue: Undecided

Tell us how you met: Our love story is truly unique. Kenny and I met through MySpace after he had requested me to be his friend. One day we started talking to each other through email. Then one day I was waiting for my father to pick me up from work and I decided to call him. We talked on the phone for hours that night, and more times after that for at least a month. A few weeks later he asked me to his winter ball for his school. Nervously, I said yes. But deep inside I knew he was the one, though we still hadn’t met face to face.

I picked out a dress and sent him a picture of the color and he got a tie and vest to match perfectly. Our first official meeting happened when he picked me up at my parents’ house for the dance. We started talking exactly eight years to the day he asked me to marry him. He did it in the most romantic way I could ever imagine. He took me to my favorite Christmas lights display at Forest Park and we went on a horse and carriage ride. At the end as we were getting off the carriage he got down on one knee and proposed. I can’t wait to have the winter fairy tale wedding I always dreamed of with him.

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