Molly: Steel Drums For Cocktail Hour

Molly: Steel Drums For Cocktail Hour

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We’re setting the tone at the reception with live steel drums.

By Molly O’Brien

Bob Marley, The Beach Boys, Disney music, Zac Brown Band, The Beatles, Jimmy Buffet and Sublime: What do they have in common? They all sound even better on a steel drum.

Glen and I are PUMPED to have some live Caribbean feeling, sweet sounding, hip-swaying, head bobbing steel drums at our wedding. In fact, it might be one of the most highly anticipated features of this whole darn fiasco. (To us at least…no one else will know about it unless they read this blog.)

I tell you, there is something special about being in a tropical place — a mood. We love the sound of steel drums and island music. We love reggae and if we can’t be in the Caribbean, why not bring a little of that flavor to us? (*Insert “whoo whoo” and image of me raising the roof.)

Rhode Island is home to a very talented musician who not only roams the state, but the country and the world. Aaron Abrahamson Cote is a well-versed musician, and we were able to snag him for our cocktail hour.

We went to see Aaron play down in Galilee and he is so talented. He plays solo and in several groups. It was so fun to see him jam. This guy lives and breathes music.

After our ceremony, everyone is hitching a ride over to the reception, where Aaron will greet us with some kickin’ music and that’s when the celebration begins.

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