Molly: Getting in Shape for the Wedding

Molly: Getting in Shape for the Wedding

Working out together has been motivating and fun for us both.

By Molly O’Brien

Some people get in crazy shape for their wedding. You see brides going overboard. They restrict their diet. They go insane. They get too skinny. I mean scary skinny.

running7_nIt’s important for me to look darn good in my dress, but when you plan a wedding in three months, there isn’t a lot of time to slave away at the gym.

I wish I did have time. I really want to get rid of this armpit cleavage (yeah, you know what I’m talking about).

If you’ve seen me in the past year, you may have noticed I’ve lost a decent amount of weight. That’s happened for a few reasons. I eat pretty well, I work out, I’ve had some side effects from medication that have gone my way in the weight department (not bad right?) and I’ve been fighting some health issues (not fun).

One way I’ve been doing well is with Les Mills Body Combat and Insanity classes. Talk about a kick-booty, calorie-burning, want-to-puke and rip-your-face-off workout (try it out!). The instructors are awesome and encouraging. The best part is the music — I love Les Mills music.

What else have I been doing? Glen and I have been working out together! Every few days we take a jog together, some longer than others. It’s a blast. He pushes me to get out of the house, and I push him to keep going once we are out and running. It is real teamwork. Instead of running without music or running with headphones in, we grab our phones and crank up the tunes. It’s kind of like 1988 and we are running with a boom box on our shoulders. I’m sure it’s really obnoxious to people around us. You can hear us coming from a block away.

Working out together — running together — has brought us together and made us feel good. It’s also been really fun. We decided to take pictures and post them on Facebook saying we’re training for the OWhit wedding. Then it kind of caught on. Our friends started asking if they needed to get in shape. Some people wondered if there was going to be an obstacle course (not a bad idea). We’re getting married so time to get your game face on.

Let’s hope all of our hard work pays off. If it doesn’t, well, my dress isn’t super tight, so no one will know.

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