Grace K: Engagement Pics and the Dress!

Grace K: Engagement Pics and the Dress!

One trip to BHLDN in nearby Massachusetts was all it took.

G and K Engagement LH

By Grace Keating

I can’t believe how long it has been since I last wrote. The summer really got away from me, between wedding planning, starting a new job, and trying to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Since my last post, Kevin and I went through an extremely productive planning period. I bought a dress (!!!), we chose our wedding party, found a DJ, a photographer and had our engagement pictures taken. Each step we take, and vendor we book, makes me more and more excited for our wedding day. It feels like pieces of a puzzle we’re constructing: Certain pieces have been placed correctly, but we need to keep working towards creating our perfect day on July 16, 2016!

Grace and Kevin engagement
Photos by Laurel Hill Photography.

First, the dress. I knew I was looking for something very simple and elegant — I definitely had a certain style in mind. Someone informed me of Anthropologie’s line of wedding apparel called BHLDN (“beholden” without the vowels). I fell in love with a few of their dresses after looking at them online, so my mother, sister and I took a trip to their location in Newton, Massachusetts one June day. Out of all Anthropologie retail locations, only a handful across the country have BHLDN sections in them. I feel so lucky that I got to go to a store and try on some of the dresses. There was one in particular that I was sure was my favorite and would look stunning on me. It was the first dress I requested and tried, and it was…okay. Not awful, but not great. It was another one of the dresses I pulled, something I didn’t think I’d really like, that we ended up falling in love with. Isn’t that always the way? I was not necessarily expecting to purchase a wedding dress on my first day of looking, but I’m glad I did. It is exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t pass it up!

Taking engagement photos was an unexpectedly fun wedding-prep event. Kevin wasn’t exactly looking forward to the night, but in the end, he admitted he had a blast. Our photographer was Kristen Coffman from Laurel Hill Photography. She kept things fun and easy and was so creative. We began the shoot at Prospect Park on the East Side of Providence, and from there just walked around the East Side drawing inspiration from everything around us. The area is charming and historic, so it was never hard to find something interesting to use in our photos. My only complaint was that after a long day at work and an evening of wandering around the (very hilly) East Side in heels, I was pooped!

Another unexpected aspect of wedding planning has been the great feeling of truly working together with Kevin on this big project. We haven’t agreed on every detail (and I’m sure there’s more of that to come), but we are certainly honing our debating, compromising and budgeting skills. We have shared several days and evenings now doing vendor research, sending out e-mails and making decisions — fun kinds of decisions at least! While of course these are things we do in our everyday lives as well, there’s nothing quite like working together to plan your wedding day.
That’s a very quick, but accurate, update on our packed summer of planning. Just about ten more months to go now until the Big Day!

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