A “Spinning” Twist to your Summer Wedding

A “Spinning” Twist to your Summer Wedding


Photos courtesy of Ron Evans Photography
By Michaella Lesieur

Brides are looking for something new and fresh, a wedding which separates it from all the others. Everyone wants the perfect day and to highlight the key features to what makes the couple’s wedding unique, which leaves people talking about it all year long. In the planning for the big day Designs by Leah R. Hood, can help brides to create a unique wedding with a wide array of styles, with the crafting and intricate folds of paper.

Hood specializes in wedding items such as paper pinwheels for boutonnieres and instead of real flowers, exquisite paper flower bouquets. Engaged had the opportunity to dive into some local wedding fun with an interview with the creator herself, Leah R. Hood, to help our brides plan the wedding of her dreams.

blue and stripesWhat inspired you to create your business?

I have always loved making and creating things with my hands. I started creating jewelry as a teenager and as adult I took some metalsmithing classes. I actually sold jewelry on ETSY when I first opened shop as a way to fund the hobby. After leaving social work to be a full-time stay-at-home-mom, when my now five year old was born, I began to play with paper flowers and pinwheels. In creating with paper versus jewelry, I found a little niche with the right demands that work for me, especially in creating custom wedding work. It’s also a great creative outlet for me and a source for some additional income for our family.

What materials go into your pieces? Do you have any DIY’s for more crafty brides?

I use quality scrap booking and origami papers, floral supplies, wooden dowels, ribbon, burlap, embellishments such as seashells, rhinestones and really whatever works to fit a client’s needs.  I do offer DIY kits to brides for the over-sized pinwheel bouquets. I do everything except the actual assembly. I also offer a lower price per pinwheel, which saves on shipping and prevents any potential damage.


How long do you spend on your orders?

Every order is different. Most orders have multiple pieces. I do work on a first-come, first-serve basis and will only take an order if I have ample time in my schedule.

What color schemes do you find are used most often? 

I receive all kinds of color requests. Most recently I have had a couple of red and yellow combos.  I honestly can’t say that I have any consistent color scheme requests. I think the fun part about paper is the sky’s the limit.

yellow and red

How have your pinwheel designs helped brides achieve their dream weddings?

I have brides who have used the pinwheels for their bouquets, boutonnieres, wedding cake decor, table decor, aisle decor…pinwheels are fun, bright and playful. They are a great addition to summer weddings and can be mixed with fresh flowers or are great standing alone. They add a bit of whimsy and playfulness to the wedding day.

You design paper bouquets, do you believe it to be a better option versus real flowers?

Yes, a lot of my orders are a combo of paper flowers and pinwheels. I love that my origami and paper flower bouquets can be customized to any color scheme or theme and how each one is unique. It is also cost effective compared to what the average bride pays for fresh flower arrangements.

tangerine brides bouquet

The designs are beautiful, yet so simple. Why should brides consider incorporating pinwheels and paper bouquets into their special day?

Pinwheels and paper bouquets add such a fun and beautiful color pop to the wedding day, they are customized for each client to add a truly unique touch to their wedding and the bouquets are a great keepsake.

What is your most popular bridal party item for the season?

My pinwheel boutonnieres are always popular along with the origami bouquets.


Besides the big day, can brides incorporate your designs into other wedding-related events? 

Of course, pinwheels or paper floral arrangements can easily be used for table centerpieces or decor leading up to the wedding at showers and rehearsals.

cake deco

Does your wedding services help cater towards brides who are on a budget? 

I am happy to work with a bride on any budget. There’s always a way.

Do you have any advice for our brides?

Weddings are beautiful and special, but what is even more beautiful and special is the love you have for your future spouse and the commitment you are making.

“Get lost in the details of your life, not just on one day and everything on your wedding day and your future will be amazing.”


To see even more of Leah’s designs, check out pages 58, 61, 62, 63 and 66 of our 2016 edition of Engaged!

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