Victoria Frankovich and Jonathan Dorich

Victoria Frankovich and Jonathan Dorich

Images by John McNamara Photography

Bride & Groom’s hometown: Narragansett

Wedding date: December 31, 2016

Ceremony venue: First Baptist Church of Narragansett

Reception venue: Aqua Blue Hotel, Narragansett 


9936_smTell us how you met:

Jonathan and I have known each other since 5th grade, when we both decided we wanted to learn how to play the trumpet in middle school band. Our paths crossed often, in such a small town that’s no surprise, from class field trips to playing youth soccer together! By the time we got to high school, we were pretty good friends and even went to Senior Prom together. We parted ways when we went off to college but made sure to get together during school breaks. We spent the summer after our freshman year of college hanging out all the time, and we liked each other so much that after only a couple months of dating we decided to give the long distance thing a try. It definitely wasn’t easy, but cell phones and Skype make Texas and Massachusetts seem a lot closer. After graduation I moved back to Rhode Island and was so happy to be back in the same part of the country as Jonathan. And now as we count down to our wedding day, we couldn’t be more thankful for the wonderful years leading up to this point and are looking forward to the rest of our lives together as husband and wife!


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Tell us your proposal story:

Jonathan had an entire day planned out for Valentine’s Day this year. First he cooked me a delicious breakfast in bed. Then when we went out to the car to go to the movies, I saw a giant stuffed bear in my seat that he bought for me! Our romantic Valentine’s Day movie was, of course, Deadpool, which was hilarious. Then we drove out to Boston for a dinner cruise on Boston Harbor aboard the Odyssey. The cruise was beautiful! A band played music while we enjoyed the view of the spectacular Boston skyline at night. After dinner he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so ecstatic all I could get out was a “Yeeeeeeeee!!!!” (Which I explained later did mean yes!). I was so thrilled I could barely contain myself the rest of the night!




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