Pumpkin Perfect Proposal

Pumpkin Perfect Proposal

While the autumn season lends itself pretty well to cozy dates filled with frolics through apple orchards and cuddles on hayrides, Halloween doesn’t exactly scream  romance — at least not in the traditional sense (we mean, Jack and Sally are pretty adorbs at the end of the Nightmare Before Christmas).

But Roger Williams Zoo’s annual Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular might just have done enough to change our minds. Last weekend (Friday, October 6, to be exact) one of our fabulous Rhode Island Monthly editors was in attendance (in order to cover the spooktacular event for this blog) when she stumbled upon this treat:

A Spectacular-goer had commissioned one of the talented artists to create a custom carving and places it at the end of the walk! We at Engaged loved the creativity and local charm behind the engagement idea, and so a week later we decided to share it (as well as some more truly terrible puns) with our followers on Instagram. Then, thanks to the sheer power of social media, the Angela Marie in question found our post and, fortunately for us, was more than happy to fill us in on the pumpkin perfect proposal.

How did you two meet?

Angela: We met during our freshman year at Western New England College. We were just friends all through college though and didn’t begin dating until after we had graduated.

How long have you been together?

Angela: We’ve been dating for two and a half years, but we have been friends for ten!

How long had your fiancé been planning the proposal?

Angela: Dave had been planning the proposal since July. We go to the spectacular every year together; it’s our one fall tradition that cannot be missed! I love pumpkins and he knows that I am crazy for this time of year so it was the perfect time to do it.

Did you have any idea that it was going to happen?

Angela: I had no idea he was going to propose that night! If I did I would have had a much better outfit on haha.

We were at the spectacular last and while were walking through I saw a group of people around the very last pumpkin, so naturally with me being obsessed with pumpkins, I went closer to see what it was. As I got closer I saw my name in the carving but it still didn’t hit me! Then I read the whole thing and froze: I could believe it! I spun around to see where Dave was and he was directly behind me on his knee. It was the most amazing feeling! He was smiling up at me and just said, “Marry me!” I didn’t even technically say “Yes” — I just started crying and kissed him!

We know it’s early, but do you have any tentative wedding plans yet like a date or a theme?

Angela: We do have plans! We are hoping for next fall. We saw a venue that we loved this weekend and already have a date on hold for October 19, 2018. And yes, there will most definitely be pumpkins involved!


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