Kate: Our Engagement Session

Kate: Our Engagement Session

By Kate Sembor

I wrestled with the question of whether or not to take engagement photos, but I am so glad that we did it this past week!

It was a chance to work with our photographer, Erick Brown, before the wedding, learn his working style and personality and see some of his finished work on a smaller scale. I have never felt more at ease with our choice than after seeing the final photos — I feel like we got to bond with our photographer, which will be so important on our big day.

We lucked out and got a gorgeous fall day – no rain and perfect lighting! Erick was so thoughtful and came to our home to do the shoot. We wanted these photos to reflect a special place so our neighborhood was the ideal spot. With a secluded path leading to a beach, we had many natural scenes to choose from to enhance our photos.

Photo shoots can be awkward, but laughing through it definitely helped!  Erick put us in different spots and got a variety of posed and candid shots while Kyle and I carried on with our normal conversation. I was definitely self-conscience at the beginning of the walk, but by the end we were both naturals thanks to Erick’s direction! At the end of the walk, we took some photos at our house. The highlight of the shoot and my favorite part was when Erick offered to photograph us with our dog and cat on the front steps of our home!

We will be using the photos for our save the date card, as well as for Christmas presents for our family this year. These photos will be treasured for many years to come and will be a warm reflection of this special moment in our lives. And as an added bonus, I have never felt more confident that we chose the right photographer for our wedding!

Tips I Picked Up Along the Way:

  1. Stay true to your style! If you do not usually wear high heels or a suit and tie, do not try doing it for the first time for your engagement photo shoot. The photos will not look natural and your personality will be hidden if you wear clothing you are uncomfortable in. We kept it casual and it worked for us!
  2. Plan and coordinate your outfits together before hand. Now, that does not mean your outfits have to match, but if you wear flip-flops and a tank top and your man wears a suit and tie, you will look uncoordinated. Match your level of formality and make sure your color scheme doesn’t clash!  My favorite color combinations are light pink and grey, natural tans paired with blues, and simple black and whites (great for shooting black and white photos, if that is more your style!) I chose a cream sweater and Kyle wore a red plaid – a color scheme perfect for fall that’s still relevant for the holidays.   Make sure you steam your clothes, and choose jewelry and accessories that allow your engagement ring to shine!
  3. If you can, schedule your makeup/hair trial for the same day as your photos to kill two birds with one stone. I was able to put my best face forward for my engagement photos because earlier that day I had my makeup trial with Jaclynn Kate Hair & Makeup Artistry. She did a great job and I love the way I looked!
  4. Have fun! There are many options to highlight who you are with these photos. If you are using them for save the dates, it is a chance to show your guests more of your personality as a couple. If you love the outdoors, or are huge animal lovers, incorporate that! Example: Props are all the rage right now. Kyle works in the marine industry so a natural rope knotted into a heart was a simple prop that was relevant to us.

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